Learn Hebrew

The longer we stayed in Israel unsurprisingly we all became more comfortable with the Hebrew letters and sounds . just being there, one is forced to read in Hebrew as not every sign is in English. Although it certainly helps if one makes the effort to learn Hebrew alphabet before arriving in the country , it will make it easier to read different kinds of signs.

In fact, one of the first things that Mr 12 said was thank goodness I started learning Hebrew online before we came to Israel. It is incredibly important, whether one goes to Israel or not, one needs to practice reading Hebrew; this will definitely help one to obtain fluency.

In fact, learning Hebrew online is one way to unlock the secret to learn Hebrew.  Whether or not a person can make it to Israel is really irrelevant, if one has the passion to know how to read in Hebrew, then starting to learn Hebrew online is definitely the way to go!

Anyway, back to reading signs; specifically street signs, we had a lot of fun trying to read them, we were able to read “Albert Einstein Street”. We all had a good giggle at that sign. We were not used to seeing signs named after famous Jewish people. It certainly showed me that making the effort to teach people how to read in Hebrew is worthwhile as they can pick up any piece of Hebrew, either in Israel, or out of Israel and read it!

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