hebrew classes online
hebrew classes online

Hebrew classes online

The world's population grew from 6.27 billion people in 2002 to 8 billion in 2022. As a result, the demand for online learning has also grown exponentially! It appears that this is the same for learning Hebrew. Combining the increased demand with technology, many Hebrew online classes have become available. Indeed, Hebrew classes online are fantastic for people who do not live in a central area and need access to regular Hebrew classes. Hebrew online classes became popular during the COVID-19 pandemic when people were forced to stay home. Suddenly the words 'online learning', 'learning from home' and 'let's Zoom' became part of our vocabulary!

Hebrew bible classes online

Hebrew bible classes online were no different. Suddenly all my students, who I had been teaching Hebrew to face-to-face in my house, transferred overnight to learning their bible (or Torah) portions for their Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah online! Although they adjusted well, learning the biblical Hebrew language was a different way.

Conversely, it wasn't an adjustment for me at all! I had been teaching Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah students online for at least four years before online learning became a 'thing'. As I am writing about this, I am embarrassed to remember how my very time teaching via Skype (which we used a few years ago), was quite subpar. However, I have certainly improved since then!

Teaching Hebrew online

Teaching Hebrew online has certainly opened up my world. I have met people, both families whose child is studying with me, and adults, whom I would never have normally met otherwise. It has been a great experience, it is like I am virtually invited into their home. Whilst it was mostly ancient Hebrew, we dabbled a bit in modern Hebrew too.

I had a number of students that I taught online. Some lived in the United States of America, Germany and Australia, in regional New South Wales. At the time, it was a unique experience to teach like this. For example, I had a pupil who had started learning Hebrew alphabet letters and vowels through the Easy Learn Hebrew program. Once he finished the program, I was able to start teaching him ancient Hebrew.

Thinking back to when I studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the focus was to read Hebrew and to speak Hebrew. However, all classes were face-to-face group learning; indeed, learning online was not an option. These days online options are also available for groups. In addition, online Hebrew classes allow students to meet other students.

Indeed, sometimes online learning is a solitary experience and can be isolating. Yet, people need to be with people. COVID-19 saw an increase in isolation, so having online sessions with other people helped alleviate the experience of feeling completely isolated. There are so many other reasons why people have chosen to attend Hebrew classes online.

One of them is it reduces the need to travel. With the increase in the world population, there also seems to be increased traffic in the major cities! Also, not travelling to classes in a car is undoubtedly better for the environment. So, packing the car keys away makes perfect sense, and logging onto a computer to join the many online classes. With the click of the mouse, you can start to learn Hebrew immediately and avoid the exhaustion and cost (both financial and environmental) of travelling. Indeed, the price of petrol is also a factor to take into account. With the increased petrol price worldwide, people are more inclined to want to stay home and work or study remotely.

Whilst there are pros and cons to studying from home, each person needs to make their own decision to see what works for them. It really is an individual preference. It is a matter of finding out what works for your personality, time commitments, financial considerations, as well as your location.

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