learn hebrew online
learn hebrew online

Learn Hebrew online

The online world is expanding every day. Everything (well, almost everything) is available online. Online learning also includes the opportunity to learn Hebrew online. The online world makes everything so accessible, even in the furthest corners of the earth. The ability to learn Hebrew online opens up a whole new world for people who would not otherwise be able to.

I will never forget; I had an enquiry from someone in a remote part of Canada. His son was studying for his Bar Mitzvah and needed online resources. So, he searched Google for resources for his son to learn Hebrew online and stumbled across Easy Learn Hebrew. Using this online program allowed his son to continue his Bar Mitzvah studies. This father was so excited. Of course, he wanted his son to participate in Hebrew classes and learn the ancient Hebrew alphabet. However, being far from a Jewish place of worship, a synagogue, and not having access to face-to-face classes, online options provided hope for this father, knowing that his son had the opportunity to learn Hebrew for his Bar Mitzvah!

Learn basic Hebrew online

Indeed, globally, people have started learning new skills via the Internet before, during, and after the COVID-19 lockdown. Sitting at home, in the office, or even in a park can relieve the stress of having to be somewhere at a particular time. In some metropolitan cities, the traffic can be very heavy. Online learning relieves the pressure of having to battle traffic.

Hebrew courses

Additionally, Hebrew courses online are also very convenient for those who are living in countries that have extreme weather conditions. For example, in the Northern Hemisphere, where some people experience heavy snow and blizzards, it is reassuring that they can attend Hebrew lessons via learning online, and not have to battle dangerous roads.

Moreover, learning Hebrew letters online is also suitable for modern Hebrew and for those who want to speak Hebrew. In addition, online programs often provide interactional resources such as pre-recorded auditory buttons for people to listen to, Hebrew word flashcards, and downloadable practical activities. Having access to online Hebrew classes or resources allows people worldwide to not only read Hebrew but also enables them to gain a cross-cultural understanding of the language. Indeed, Hebrew, the Jewish religion and Israeli culture are closely intertwined. Learning Hebrew will give people a deeper understanding of the connection to Judaism and Israel.

Enrolling in an online course enables students from diverse backgrounds to engage and learn about each other via moderated forums. In addition, it is an opportunity for these students from diverse global experiences to learn about each other’s experiences and understand the Hebrew and Jewish culture. An online community can be a very supportive global network. It provides an opportunity for people to learn from each other and improve the overall experience of learning a new language. However, do not forget that the Hebrew letters are unique and different from other language symbols, such as the Latin ones found in English and some European languages.

One of the best things about learning the Hebrew letters, either online or face-to-face, is that there is a slight difference between learning to read modern Hebrew and biblical Hebrew. I always say, “Hebrew is Hebrew is Hebrew!” What does that mean? It means that once a person can read the biblical Hebrew words, they can read modern Hebrew, as long as the text is in print, not script. Although Hebrew script is used for writing in Israel, Hebrew print is used in all the newspapers, books, internet articles and subtitles. Therefore, it is optional to learn Hebrew script; it only becomes necessary if you live and either go to school or work there.

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