best hebrew learning app
best hebrew learning app

Best Hebrew learning app

New apps are being created every day for people to access on their Android or Apple devices. Before I created my own app, I researched how to create best Hebrew learning app on the market. But first, I needed to know how to create an app and decided to focus on having one of the best apps for Hebrew pronunciation once I learned the basics. First of all, I needed to get my app idea on paper (which is what I did), and then I needed to learn the difference between a Native app and a PWA. By this point, I wanted to focus on specific aspects to help people learn the biblical Hebrew alphabet, so I coerced my husband (and business partner) to take over the technical side of things.

I set about researching how to design best Hebrew learning app. I needed a well-designed User Interface (UI), fast loading time, robust data protection, and excellent user support as well as built-in integrations. I promptly told my husband all about the requirements, and I realised I was over my head. My expertise was giving Hebrew lessons, not tech stuff!

Hebrew vocabulary on an app!

Hebrew vocabulary was definitely going to be part of the program. I started getting worried about how to include everything! To help calm me, my husband told me to leave the technical side to him and to focus on the content, which I did! By focusing on the content, I was able to work on creating best Hebrew learning app on the market. For the past twenty-five years, the focus throughout my life has been teaching people who speak English the Hebrew letters and to read this ancient language fluently. My favourite students, kids, and adults alike, are those who have no prior Hebrew knowledge. If their goal is to learn to read the Hebrew bible or to learn to speak modern Hebrew, it doesn’t matter!

Biblical text

Biblical text is something I have prided myself on being to teach people aged 10 to aged 83 years of age. I teach them to learn to read Hebrew fluently and quickly. Yes! I had an 83-year-old call me asking if I could teach her to read Hebrew. It was terrific that she embraced learning a new Hebrew word every day to improve her vocabulary. It shows that, with enthusiasm and commitment, it is possible to learn at any age! It certainly helped that I taught her (and all my other pupils) using the special method my father taught me as a teenager. The approach he trained me in was that each letter and vowel had a story and pictorial cartoon attached.

All the students, both young and old were very engaged with this way of learning. Although it seemed quite childish, everyone of all ages, jumped on board with this approach. I even instructed them that we could only use certain words and sounds; it was like we were creating a new language for that classroom! For example, the vowel called ‘shoorook, the vav with the dot in the middle is pronounced ‘oo’. I teach this sound by saying that the dot is in the ‘moodle’ of the vav; not middle, but moodle. For the entire class, I insist on not using the word ‘middle’, but only using the word moodle! Everyone just loves it. It’s a whole new language for the class!

Based on the success of the classroom teaching, I decided to create a Hebrew reading app, called Easy Learn Hebrew, as I knew there was nothing else quite like this on the market. It was an original product. However, as we only had a few very old cartoons that my father gave me, we decided to engage a cartoonist in India to help create new cartoons for the online program. I did not have the opportunity to ask him what he thought of all the cartoons he was contracted to create, but I have a feeling that he was having a quiet chuckle when he read the brief that we sent him. I’m sure it was quite an unusual job for him to work on. However, he did a great job; each cartoon depicted precisely what was required.

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Experience learning to read Hebrew with this unique proven system.

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