hebrew alphabet chart
hebrew alphabet chart

Hebrew alphabet chart

All new students starting to learn a new language need to know that language's alphabet. Hebrew students are no exception. Therefore, all new students should have access to a Hebrew alphabet chart. I will never forget; my mother-in-law created a beautiful English alphabet wall hanging. I only wished she could have also made a chart with the Hebrew alphabet! The alphabet chart used pictures of African animals, i.e., 'e' for 'elephant'. It would have been marvellous if it was replicated in Hebrew. Not using the African animals, but other images would have been as lovely.

Whether it is homemade or not, the Hebrew alphabet chart is an important learning tool for someone interested in learning Hebrew. This alphabet resource provides a pictograph of the Hebrew letters. The pictograph allows beginners to become acquainted with the ancient Hebrew letters and their pronunciation.

If you cannot buy a Hebrew alphabet chart, I am sure there are ways to make your own. Hebrew alef bet charts do not need to be expensive. It can be as simple as printing out the Hebrew alphabet in a 'flashcard' format, cutting them out, gluing them onto a piece of cardboard, and displaying it on a wall where you are most likely to look at it. If you are making a chart for a much younger person, print it out in colour (if possible) and find colourful images that can be stuck next to each letter or vowel, to make it more engaging and livelier. If you decide to go down this route, you must find a Hebrew word with the corresponding first letter or vowel.

For example, next to the letter 'yod', you might put a picture of a boy or a girl because both words begin with the letter 'yod'. The word for ‘girl’ in Hebrew in Hebrew is 'yaldah', and a boy is 'yeled'. However, if you create a chart for an older child or an adult, and adding pictures may be a little 'babyish', you could write down the 'trick' to memorising each letter or vowel. For example, next to the letter 'gimmel', you could write down the word 'gap' and an arrow pointing to the gap in the word. There are numerous ways to do this to help you remember. Using these prompts to embed the sound of each letter in your mind is very helpful when you are transferring from the alphabet chart to reading actual words in a book.

Hebrew Alphabet chart transliteration

Hebrew Alphabet chart transliteration is not always possible with every Hebrew letter. If you have decided to make your own chart, make sure that you include the letter, for example, alef, and the corresponding pronunciation. I do not recommend including transliteration, as it is not always possible. BTW, the letter aleph cannot be transliterated - case in point!

Some charts might include the cursive and print varieties of each letter. A chart or flashcards, which are available through Easy Learn Hebrew, could be helpful if you are planning to learn Hebrew language writing. The chart is a valuable tool for you to be able to recognise the different types of Hebrew letters. If the chart you purchase (or make) does not have the cursive letters available, it can be downloaded as a free printable PDF document. Indeed, a readily available tangible printout for learning will make it easier for you to practice the alphabet daily. This ongoing practice of pronunciation will help you see improvement and will motivate you to keep learning more. It is a cost-effective, accessible way for a beginner to learn the pronunciation of biblical Hebrew!

The Alef bet

The Alef bet, as with the other letters, is written both in cursive (also referred to as script) and in print and is used in Israel for all handwritten material. It is essential to be competent in this if you plan on living in Israel and communicating with Israelis. I suggest downloading or making your own to learn this essential skill. One thing that would make the chart engaging is to include a pictograph for the biblical Hebrew letters, which, contrary to popular belief, are no different from modern Hebrew letters. The pictograph of ancient Hebrew will give you a greater insight into each letter's cultural and historical background.

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hebrew alphabet chart

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