Learn biblical Hebrew

I am sitting down at my desk for the first time in weeks, taking a deep breath and thinking “wow, we did it!” We finally took our two kids to Israel! It was a phenomenal experience.

The Jewish homeland, a place where there is Hebrew absolutely everywhere! But that was our first challenge! One of the first things my 8 year old said to me was “how do you read Hebrew?” at that point, I didn’t give him a proper answer as we were both  tired and grouchy after 30 hours of travelling.

But, it wasn’t the last time he was to ask me, again he asked me (this time in a more reasonable mood!) “how is Hebrew read?”, so I took the time to explain it to him, and he was thoroughly enjoying the hands-on learning experience!

Wherever we went we had fun reading the street signs, the menus in the restaurants and the shop signs. Hebrew was everywhere. I realised, to it was a lovely opportunity to put into practice their Hebrew reading skills and to answer the oft asked questions  “how do you read Hebrew?”.

Throughout the trip Mr 8 often asked “how is Hebrew read without vowels”? I explained it isa skill that has be developed over time.Towards the end of our trip, my 12 year old announced in a proud voice “I finally know how to read Hebrew without vowels!” then Mr 8 piped up, I think I know how to read Hebrew! I was impressed with both of them!

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