How do you read Hebrew

Travelling through Israel with my family was fun; once they started grasping the Hebrew letters, and stopped asking how do you read Hebrew, life became a lot easier. Occasionally they would ask in really bad English to learn Hebrew alphabet! I always had to correct by saying, it is not “learn Hebrew alphabet” but “learn THE Hebrew alphabet”. It became a constant joke with us.

I have to admit, my 8 year old has never actively tried to know how to read in Hebrew, but being surrounded by Hebrew everywhere, he naturally started to read signs, making lots of mistakes along the way, but nevertheless, still trying. By the end of it, he was, surprisingly reading quite a bit.

What was lovely, was taking our time to walk from our hostel to the Old City of Jerusalem. It was a good 20 minute walk, but we would stop and look at different shops and things along the way.

What was hilarious was there was a mini bill-board (on ground level) and it was made up entirely of Hebrew vowels! It became a joke in the family, that if anyone was in any doubt about how to read Hebrew, all they had to do was to come to the billboard and find the right vowel! It certainly made for some fun sightseeing and a few jokes about how is Hebrew read!

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