Learn Hebrew – The Journey: Part 1

One thing I really enjoy doing is teaching absolute beginners how to learn to read Hebrew. I call it my “spiritual income”. I consider myself so fortunate to have a niche skill that brings in an income. I first started teaching Hebrew when I was approximately 15 years old. I was put in charge of teaching 12 year olds to learn to read the prayers for the Sabbath service for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

It was quite challenging, as I was not much older than they were, but I tried to make it fun! I also started tutoring on a course that my father ran, it was called “Learn to Read Hebrew in One Day”. This is a course that teaches absolute beginners to learn to read Hebrew in one day using a particular method. This is what I really enjoyed, seeing a person start with absolute nothing, to reading Hebrew slowly and fluently.

I tutored on this course twice a year for approximately 20 years! It helped that I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Hebrew and Jewish Civilisation and Culture, which gave me a fanastic grounding for the background of Hebrew, and also a more in-depth knowledge of Hebrew grammar.

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