Is Hebrew hard to learn?

Many people around the world have an avid interest in learning Hebrew.  Like any new language, Hebrew can be difficult. People often ask me “is Hebrew hard to learn?” at first glance, I would say, yes to the question “is Hebrew hard to learn?”. But we need to put it in to context. The characters are very different to those of any other language, which is something that need to be dealt with.

Changing your mindset about learning Hebrew

Were you shocked when I said yes to the question “is Hebrew hard to learn”? It is only hard if you are in the mindset that it difficult. The minute someone says “it is hard” , then their mind will shut down and will not look at solutions. So, yes, the characters are different to any other language, but so what! Anything can be called hard if you do no know how to approach it. It is all about changing your mindset.

Find the right resources to learn Hebrew

To really find out the answer to the question “Is Hebrew hard to learn?”you need to give it a chance. You need to find the right resources that fit your character. Be it a teacher that can really help you, or an online resource that resonates with you. If you do not have a suitable pathway to achieve this, then it will be difficult to overcome this barrier.

The question is how do you find the right resources to be able to say yes to this question. Sometimes word of mouth is great. but you do not have any connections who are currently learning Hebrew. The other option is go to the internet. One search option is Easy Learn Hebrew, it will show a variety of resources that will guide you to help your learning to be as easy one.

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