How can I teach myself Hebrew?

It takes a brave and courageous person to ask the question “How can I teach myself Hebrew?”. This is no easy task. The letters and vowels are completely different to any other alphabet in the world. Even the direction of how Hebrew is read and written is the opposite to most other languages, or at least, to English.

It is all very well asking the question “how can I learn Hebrew?”, but one needs to find the right tools to do so. One option is a text book. The problem with this, is if there is not a teacher to guide you through the sounds of the letters and vowels, and overall pronunciation of the words, it is would be very difficult to know if you are pronouncing the sounds and words correctly.

Teaching yourself Hebrew through the internet

In the internet age there are many ways to teach yourself a new skill. So, when you ask yourself “how can I teach myself Hebrew?” it will be much easier to answer this question. The first step would be to google this exact question “how can I teach myself Hebrew”? and see what resources come up for you. Once you see the resources, you can start sifting through to find the right resource.

How do you know it is right resource to teach yourself Hebrew?

It is important when you ask the question “how can I teach myself Hebrew”? to find out what it is you want to learn. It is a very broad question. Hebrew can be reading, writing, grammar, or all three! Once you have determined what your focus is, you can narrow down the resources to find the right one to suit your goal.

Once you have found the most appropriate resource to meet your needs, you can start learning Hebrew!

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