Is Hebrew worth learning?

Many people learn Hebrew for a variety of different reasons. Some people learn it because they want to convert to Judaism. Others learn it because they are returning to their Jewish roots, and did not learn Hebrew as a child. Or some might want to learn Hebrew because they want to learn to read the Jewish bible. Hebrew is difficult of you have not learnt it before, so when embarking on this journey, I’m sure many people ask the question “is Hebrew worth learning?”.

That is the question “is Hebrew worth learning?” when embarking on a new, and potentially difficult project, it is important to keep the “why” at the forefront of your mind.  When I say “why” I mean the absolute main reason you are wanting to learn Hebrew. It will keep you motivated on your journey.

How to answer “yes” to the question “is Hebrew worth learning?”

As mentioned in the above paragraph, the “why” is so important. Let’s have a look at an example. A young Jewish man meets a young woman who is not Jewish. They decide to get married. The young woman has decided that she wants to have a Jewish wedding. For this to happen she needs to convert to Judaism. AS part of her conversion, she needs to learn Hebrew.

For this young woman, the “why” is obvious. She loves her fiancé and wants to become Jewish. So for her, it was easy to answer the question “is Hebrew worth learning?”.

For someone else, it might not be so obvious, or as easy. This person, whatever their motivation, must delve deeply into themselves to working out what is driving them to undertake this task.

What if the answer is “no”?

If a person answers “no” to the question “is Hebrew worth learning”? then it is going to be more difficult to continue on this path. The person may encounter obstacles that may not be there if the driver was more obvious. Look for the “why”!

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