How do you read Hebrew

Just looking back on my post from last week, how I learnt to read Hebrew fast at my primary school, it was very different to learning to read Hebrew online. In the classroom the teachers’ job is to teach the children to learn how to read Hebrew; which is wonderful if all the children are at the same level. But the problem is, children are the same as adults; they all have different learning styles.

Some people learn visually, others through listening, and other kinestically: touch and feel. Some people can use all three modalities. However, in a classroom, with 25 children, when the children hear the words “learn read Hebrew”, they might not want to, they might start playing about or simply tune out. This makes it very difficult for the teacher to help the children in learning to read Hebrew.

However, these days, children have the option to learn to read Hebrew online. It empowers the child to take control of his or her learning and will answer the question ‘how do you read Hebrew?’ it enables the child to discover the language at his or her level.

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