learn to read hebrew online
learn to read hebrew online

Learn to read Hebrew online

We are in such a fortunate position these days. If we want to, we can learn to read Hebrew online. Never in a million years did our grandparents, or depending on how old we are, our parents would have thought that option to learn to read the biblical Hebrew alphabet online would even be available.

In fact, the term ‘online learning’ is also such a new concept. It relates specifically to the internet. So, unsurprisingly, the concept of online learning would not have even entered the minds of our elders. I’m sure you want to know, is it even an effective way of learning? If you talk to anyone who has used Easy Learn Hebrew, they will answer yes. If you read their testimonials, you will evidence of their immense satisfaction with the program. I think if you are going to embark on the journey to learn to read Hebrew online. You need to find the right online program. You need videos, audio options, printable worksheets, and lots and lots of reading material!

You also need to have the right personality. If you learn well in an online environment, then taking the opportunity to learn to read Hebrew online is a perfect option! But, if you prefer to be in a classroom environment with a teacher right next to you, then maybe it is not the best way for you. However, whatever way you choose, challenging yourself to learn a new skill can be extremely rewarding. Imagine starting with absolutely no knowledge and working through an online reading program. Then at the end of it, being able to read Hebrew slowly, but fluently! The internet has opened so many opportunities for us.

For a person who is housebound or prefers not to go out and about, then online learning can suit them perfectly. It is a matter of working out what is suitable for you. Furthermore, Learning the Hebrew bible online makes it easier for those who do not have access to face-to-face Hebrew classes due to their remote location.

Learn to read the ancient Hebrew language

It can be a challenge for people to learn to read the ancient Hebrew language, as it does not have vowels. I love watching my pupils faces when they realise that they need to learn biblical Hebrew with Hebrew vowels! I gently explain to them that getting to that point is a long process. First, they need to learn have Hebrew lessons to read the biblical Hebrew alphabet.

Once they are able to recognise each Hebrew letter. I tell them they must never use transliteration, commonly called ‘Heblish’, writing Hebrew words with English letters. I tell them the story of a girl who I knew who transliterated the whole paragraph she was supposed to read in the Synagogue. The rabbi saw this and rubbed it out.

Needless to say, once the transliteration was rubbed out, she could not read Hebrew fluently. She lacked fluency because she was unfamiliar with the letters and how to pronounce each Hebrew word. Once my pupils agree to this, I explain to them, once they are fluent, they will start to read the Hebrew text of the with vowels, or as it is called in Hebrew, nikkud.

Hebrew bible

The Hebrew bible is not as scary as some people think! I will never forget, I had a very bright Hebrew pupil, who learned to read Hebrew fluently in about a month, more quickly than most people. However, when I asked her to start reading her torah portion, she froze up. She was nervous because she was reading from the holiest book, the Torah; she did not feel worthy of reading it.

Although modern Hebrew and biblical Hebrew have different vocabulary, grammatical rules, and sentence structures, they are essentially the same language. Indeed, modern Hebrew was revived from the ancient biblical language. They have the same letters and vowels. There are also many words that are similar too.

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