Learning To Read Hebrew

All along I have spoken about how I was raised with reading Hebrew at home. But I haven’t shared my Hebrew reading journey in primary school. I immigrated to Australia from South African when I was 7 years old and went to a regular primary school.

A year later, I begged my parents to send me to a Jewish Day School, and they agreed. Little did I know that Hebrew was compulsory. Although I knew the Alef Beit, and that one must read Hebrew from right to left. However, because I was only seven years old, I hadn’t learnt how to read in Hebrew just yet.

No problem, they said, we’ll teach you how to read Hebrew. Oh, looking back, how I wish they had the Easy Learn Hebrew program.It would’ve made life so much easier; to learn to read Hebrew online.  One of the issues I found is that they encouraged the kids to learn to read Hebrew fast, but not fluently. I have since discovered that speed isn’t important, that fluency is critical for good Hebrew reading.

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