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The other night I went to Israeli dancing and I was approached by a Hebrew teacher who was looking for the best app to learn Hebrew. She had spoken to her local rabbi that morning who recommended that she make contact with me for resources for her students. It was serendipitous that we both attend the same Israeli dancing group and were both dancing that night!

Networking with people

If you want to find the best app to learn Hebrew, such as Easy Learn Hebrew, it is important to network. As the saying goes: “it is not what you know, but who you know”. This is true for everything. Way back in 2009 when Easy Learn Hebrew was created, I spoke to a rabbi to ask for feedback on the program. He stated unequivocally that it was the best app to learn Hebrew.

Fast-forward to 2022. A Hebrew teacher at the local Jewish day school is looking for resources to teach her students reading. She approaches her rabbi; the same rabbi who gave me great feedback on the Easy Learn Hebrew program. He recommended that she talks to me about the product. If I had not spoken to him all those years ago, he would not have been in the position to recommend it to her.

Finding the best app to learn Hebrew

With the internet it is so easy to find the best products. Be it cars, insurance or educational resources to pupils at schools. People post reviews of products that they like, and also products that they do not like. So, the best way to find the best app to learn Hebrew is search online. However, sometimes talking to an actual person, like the Hebrew teacher spoke to the rabbi  (earlier in the blog), can be helpful.

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