Best way to learn Biblical Hebrew

In my line of work, I have come across many Christians who ask me what is the best way to learn Biblical Hebrew. There are so many ways, so I try to give them a well thought out response. However, most of the time I advise that the way to start this journey, is to be able to read Hebrew first. There is no point starting on this journey if the basics are not in place.

How to embed the basics

Embedding the basics is the first step embrace the best way to learn Biblical Hebrew. a student can start with an online language reading program. It is as simple as starting with consonants that look similar. For example, learning the difference between a reish and a dalet can be the first small step to find the best way to learn Biblical Hebrew.

We must not underestimate these small “wins”. Without being able to recognise the difference between different consonant, could be a huge barrier to moving to the next level of finding the best way to learn Hebrew. Once you learn the consonants, the vowels and the syllables, you will be able to take it to the next level.

What is your “why” for finding the best way to learn Biblical Hebrew?

It is also important to know your “why”. Why you are keen to embark on this journey. your reason why you are looking for the way forward on this learning adventure. It can be an arduous journey, as biblical Hebrew is a bit like Shakespearean English. The style of Shakespearean writing is different to that of everyday spoken (or even written) English.

However, whatever your reason, if you have the interest and motivation, it is worthwhile pursuing this journey of finding the best way to learn Biblical Hebrew, as it will help you achieve your goal.

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