Best book to learn Hebrew

Talking about the best book to learn Hebrew is starting to sound so old fashioned! When I first saw this phrase, I had to take second glance. My first thought was, “who uses books these days?” isn’t everything online? In this digital world, it is not uncommon for people to think that it is odd to be discussing the best book to learn Hebrew.

However, I think the reality out there in the classroom is very different. I have a feeling that a lot more people still use books to learn. Therefore, it is a fair assumption that people will be looking for the best book to learn Hebrew. Times have changed though, and although people will still be using books, they may supplement their learning by using online options too.

How does one find the best book to learn Hebrew?

Ironically, to find the best book to learn Hebrew, people will most likely have to go online to do their research! They may ask the question about the what is the best book to learn Hebrew on their social media pages or do a Google search to ask this question. It is unlikely they will be able to find this information from within their face-to-face social circle.

Do not make assumptions!

Although, this may be an unfair assumption. If a person’s friend group is focussed on learning Hebrew, then chances are, they can recommend a non-digital resource for you to use. Sometimes it is also a good idea to go straight to the source, like a school teacher. Chances are Hebrew teachers in schools are using a hybrid of digital and non-digital resources. They will have recommendations.

Another option to find recommended resources, is to talk to a local Rabbi. They often have a variety of resources that they use to teach Hebrew. In my experience, they use both books and digital resources. It is interesting, the children of today still use pen, paper and textbooks to learn. Ask everyone you think is appropriate, and find out what they recommend.

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