Words in Hebrew

It is so incredibly amazing is that the words in Hebrew, a language that has not been spoken in over 2000 years,  was revived and used in modern day Israel. Words in Hebrew that are found in the Torah are now being used in day-to-day language. For example: the word “lekh” means go. This word is used in the Torah when God speaks to Abraham, and it is also used in modern day Hebrew.

I will never forget talking to my Israeli friend who often uses biblical words. for example, she said “Todah l’el”, which translates to “thank God”. The word for God in modern day Hebrew is the same as biblical Hebrew. The words is “El”. It is the same word for God that is used in biblical Hebrew. Words in Hebrew are so interchangeable between the modern day and biblical language.

Words in Hebrew with common root letters

One thing that makes Hebrew so easy to work with are the verbs. Each verb has its’ own unique root letters. Root letters are common letters that are found in each verb. These root letters are then used in past, present and future tense, passive and imperatives. I do not want to talk too much about grammar, but when looking at verbs, the root letters are important.

Hebrew letters used in other langauges

I will never forget when I was in Israel, I tried to read text in Hebrew in the supermarket. I found it difficult to read the Hebrew words. I had to ask someone to help me. This was very embarrassing. The word that I found difficult to read was, in fact, an English word that was written in Hebrew letters. No wonder I could not read it!

It turns out that Hebrew uses English words too! Well, not really, that text is merely using the English word in Hebrew letters. It can be confusing to try and read it, but once you master it, it is quite rewarding.

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