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I often hear the question; how do I learn Hebrew online?  It is interesting how we learn has changed so much. Twenty years ago, exploring different learning opportunities was not even an option. Technology has changed out lives in so many ways. Some say for the better, others might disagree with them. Whatever your opinion of technology, it has had a massive impact on our lives!

It is so interesting, and sometimes amusing, to look back at my childhood and see how I learnt Hebrew. I learnt the old-fashioned way, with text books, paper and pencils in a classroom. It would never have even entered my psyche to ask if I could learn Hebrew online. Why would it? The only technology that I had access to as a child and a teenager was a calculator.

Why choose to learn Hebrew online?

Let’s be honest, using those Hebrew textbooks (similar to the ones I had in primary school in the 1980s), could be quite boring! Soon enough, all the words and exercises started merging together, and it became very easy to lose concentration. If a person starts to learn Hebrew online it opens up a whole new range of opportunities, that would not be available with a text book.

Which is the best way to learn?

The answer will obviously be subjective, as everyone experiences learning in different ways. Some people prefer putting pen to paper. However, others love the idea of sitting in front of a screen and clicking buttons. One of the many advantages of choosing online learning is the portability of learning wherever you want, whenever you want. But, you are usually learning alone. Deciding what type of learner you are will help you decide whether you should learn Hebrew online or face to face.

Whatever you choose, make sure it is the right way for your learning style.

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