What is the best program to learn Hebrew?

When a person starts on their Hebrew learning journey it is important to ask questions about how to go about doing it. The first, and possibly the most important question is what is the best program to learn Hebrew? It is important to find the program that fits your character and learning style. Answering the question what is the best program to learn Hebrew? is highly subjective.

Why is the question “what is the best program to learn Hebrew” subjective?

The question what is the best program to learn Hebrew is subjective because people learn in different ways. Some people learn in a visually, some people learn by reading text, others by listening to audio, and others kinaesthetically. Learning kinaesthetically is learning by doing something, such as writing.

There is no point for you to enrol in a Hebrew program if it is based purely on reading, (for example using a text book), if you are a person who learns best by listening to audio. A person with dyslexia would find it very difficult to engage purely in a program that is based solely on reading. It is important to identify what is your best learning style.

What programs are available?

To answer this question and to decide what the best program to learn Hebrew is, you need to decide if you want to learn Hebrew face to face, via a textbook or online. Once you have made this decision, the next step will be to explore the various options. For face to face or text book options you could call the local synagogue, as they may have some resources to guide you.

If you are looking for an online course, you can google courses using key words such as “easy learn Hebrew” and that will show you different options of courses available to you online.

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