Can you learn Hebrew by yourself?

If I had to write this blog twenty or thirty years ago, and had to answer the question can you learn Hebrew by yourself? My answer would have been very different to what it is now. Thirty years ago, the internet existed, but was in its infancy. There may have been a few online courses for people to enrol in, but not what is available today. I would have said no to this question.  

Technology has developed at rapid pace over the past thirty years, so to answer the question can you learn Hebrew by yourself? I would give a resounding yes.  A person can buy an online Hebrew learning program. As long as the program has full instructions and there is audio available, then yes , you can learn Hebrew by yourself.

How can you learn Hebrew by yourself?

I want you to imagine for a moment that you live on a remote farm in the middle of nowhere. However, you have a very fast internet connection and a very reliable computer. One day you decide that you want to do this, Since you do not have a choice about how to learn this language, you do not even ask the question how can you learn Hebrew by yourself.

You take a on a can-do attitude. You conduct an online search for Hebrew courses, and you find the best one for a beginner. There are many courses out there. Once you decide on which course you want to learn with, you need to set yourself goals of what you want to achieve each day.

Finding your “why”

It is very important to have a clear goal about why you want to learn Hebrew by yourself. There is no one pushing you, aside from you. However, once you have the motivation, your goals will be easily achievable.

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