Hebrew for Dummies

I do not particularly like the phrase “Hebrew for Dummies”. However, I do understand why it is used. Hebrew is such an ancient language that is not commonly used outside of Israel.  It is such an old language that it dates back to before Jesus was born. We need to approach learning this ancient language as anything else that it is difficult.

Embracing the word “Dummies” (for Hebrew)

I think it is important to realise that the word “dummies” does not need to have a negative connotation. It is simply referring to people who do not have a particular skill. A person who is a beginner in Hebrew, should embrace it. Once they embrace it, they can find appropriate resources for beginners in Hebrew.

Finding a resource for learning Hebrew

A person looking for a resource to help them with “Hebrew for Dummies” may be keen to have an online course to get them started. When looking for an online Hebrew course, it is important to have something comprehensive. There is no point finding a resource that will not teach Hebrew at a level appropriate for beginners.

Although it is not a traditional “Hebrew for Dummies” resource, Easy Learn Hebrew is a perfect online resource for beginners Hebrew. It takes beginners from the beginning of the aleph-beit, right through to learning to read Hebrew fluently. It uses so many different methods to teach beginners to read Hebrew. It uses cartoons, videos, PDF downloads, audio buttons and written information.

Reflecting on the phrase “Hebrew for Dummies”, it does not seem quite so bad now. All it is doing is acknowledging that the person has no knowledge of Hebrew. The person is a novice in Hebrew, and needs resources to help them along. Any resource, particularly an online one, can only be a helpful tool

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