Best way to learn Hebrew

So many people ask what the best way learn Hebrew is. This is an impossible question to try and answer. There are so many different ways to learn Hebrew. It all depends on person’s circumstances, and the best way for a person learn.

Different learning styles for Hebrew

A 1992 study conducted, shows that different people have different learning styles. The learning styles include visual, auditory, reading and kinaesthetic (using touch). Also called VARK. People have a preferred method of learning, but people use one of these modalities at different times.

Which style is the best way to learn Hebrew?

I think the answer to this question, is all the different ways of learning is the best way to learn Hebrew. Watching a video can help with the learning (visual). Learning to read the aleph-bet (reading). Listening to Hebrew (auditory) or using flashcards and doing some writing (kinaesthetic). Easy Learn Hebrew covers all these styles.

Hebrew immersion

People may argue that the best way to learn Hebrew is to live in Israel. You can use the Hebrew language all the time. You can use it when you go shopping, listen to the news, order food, ask for directions. You can read the newspaper or instructions in Hebrew. There are so many ways to immerse yourself in the language.
The problem with this, is that many people cannot pack up and go and live in Israel. People have commitments in their home countries. It is important to find the best way to learn Hebrew for you. Is it attending a face to face class? Or is it using a website, such as Easy Learn Hebrew? Everyone is different, and you need to find what suits you.

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