Learn To Read Hebrew

As I mentioned before, my Hebrew reading journey started from day 1! I mentioned that I was born on Sukkot, and once I came home from the hospital, I can only imagine that we would have had quite a few visitors to wish my parents well.

It is very common amongst Jewish people to use the words “ Mazal Tov” when congratulating a person. These are Hebrew words, the word “Mazal” means ‘luck’ and the word “Tov” means ‘good’.

Even if a person does not read Hebrew or is still learning Hebrew reading, it is a very common phrase, that is learnt colloquially, without needing to know how to read Hebrew; it is a very common part of the Jewish culture.  So much so, the use of the phrase has also spread to the general non-Jewish population.

It’s funny, how such a simple phrase in such an ancient language, can be weaved into everyday language. I wonder how many people who have used this phrase, have been inspired to learn how to read Hebrew? Even in this modern day and age (I am feeling a little old now 🙂 ), people who have learnt colloquial Hebrew are wanting more and more Hebrew reading tips, and are often choosing to learn Hebrew online.

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