Learn Hebrew Alphabet Online – it Actually Can Be Done Easily!

People must not take the phrase ‘Learn Hebrew alphabet online’ for granted. It has not always existed. Especially not when I was in primary and secondary school, in the late 1970s to the late 1980s. Although online learning has been available since 1985, it has only really become popular in the last twenty years or so, including Learn Hebrew alphabet online.

Indeed, when I was in school, I had a Hebrew alef bet chart. For those readers unfamiliar with the term alef bet, it is the Hebrew word for alphabet. The first letter of the alphabet bet can either be written as aleph, with a ‘ph’ or alef with an ‘f’. I am not sure why it is interchangeable, but it essentially refers to the same letter.

Learn Hebrew alphabet online – new, but not new!

Everyone talks about the advent of online learning and how exciting it is, and how great it is to learn read Hebrew online. However, let us be honest; it really is not that new. Since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2024, it has become so commonplace that people do not even think twice about it. However, it was exciting and new in the late twentieth century to early twenty-first century.

Since mid-1985, online learning has been around but it was not utilized nearly as much as it was in the 2000s. In fact, when I decided to create the online Hebrew reading program, Easy Learn Hebrew it was, it was unique, and it taught people learn the Hebrew alphabet online, but there was certainly competition. I think we all need to move away from the ‘excitement’ of online learning. We need to accept that it is an integral part of the way we learn.

How do you start learn Hebrew alphabet online?

You have made the leap and the commitment! You are excited to start to learn to read the biblical Hebrew language. The big question you have is “how do I start to learn Hebrew alphabet online?” And so, the research begins. It is essential to narrow down your options. It makes it easier if you are not interested in learning to write Hebrew and only to read it.

From my experience, I would recommend that the program that you sign up for has either a downloadable chart PDF or Hebrew alphabet flashcards that can be downloaded and printed out. It is easy enough to print out the flashcards and stick them onto a piece of cardboard to make an aleph bet poster! It saves you from buying a fancy preprinted poster, which only adds to the cost.

Why do people want to learn Hebrew reading online?

There are a multitude of reasons why people want to learn Hebrew online. First and foremost, they want to learn to read the ancient Hebrew alphabet. Although, a person can learn this either online or face-to-face. So, it does not answer the question. Let’s dig a little deeper. It might be location, convenience or they want to access both online and face-to-face learning.

Some people want to access online learning because they do not have access to face-to-face classes. Students who have purchased the Easy Learn Hebrew program live in remote and regional areas, some examples include India, Uzbekistan or France (amongst many others) ! I am so chuffed that they are able to fulfil their dream of learning this ancient language wherever they are in the world.

Some other reasons for online learning

Other people may have classes in their vicinity which is only accessible by driving there. A person needs to drive, or have access to a car to be able to attend the face-to-face class. The lack of transport does not limit their options, as they can learn Hebrew alphabet online in the convenience of their own home. Online learning opens up the world for some people.

Time is another significant factor for people to learn Hebrew (or any other subject, for that matter) online. Picture this: a single mother of two children under twelve and working full-time. There is no way that she will be able to find time to attend face-to-face classes. Meanwhile, with the online learning option, she can study the material at night after the children are sleeping.

Features to look out for

As with any purchase, whether it is a kitchen appliance, a car or an online learning program, you need to make sure that it provides the features you are looking for. Two important features that should be included in the online Hebrew reading program are Hebrew worksheets and Hebrew alphabet worksheets. The alphabet worksheets can also be classified as printable flashcards.

It is also important that you can access the material on the device of your choice. For example, there is absolutely no point in only being able to access it on a desktop computer when you are travelling to and from work for two hours daily. It is vital that you are able to access it on your mobile phone or tablet as well.

Being able to use multiple devices allows you flexibility as to where and when you can learn to read Hebrew. It allows you to access the program on the train or bus, on a park bench or on the couch at home. Because we are human, we procrastinate – a common human trait. Having access to the program at your fingertips decreases the possibility of procrastination!


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