Hebrew reading practice sheets

I will never forget sitting in primary school and filling out Hebrew reading practice sheets. I had asked to go to a Jewish day school, but, as a nine-year-old, it was not what I was expecting, to spend my days working on worksheets! Looking back, it was extremely valuable, as it gave me a chance to improve my Hebrew.

How can Hebrew reading practice sheets help?

Whilst it might seem “tedious” to sit and work through Hebrew reading practice sheets, it is a very important part of the process of learning to read the language. It allows the student to sit quietly with a pencil (and an eraser) to practice putting in syllable lines. It is an opportunity to review the consonants and vowels as well, and to practice reading from right to left.

Different learning styles

One thing I have learnt is that people use different learning styles at different times in their journey. The different styles are visual, auditory, reading and kinaesthetic. To explain the terminology, “kinaesthetic” learning is using one’s hands. For example, it can include making something, or using a pen/pencil to write. It is a more “active” way learning.

Utilising Hebrew reading practice sheets will help with the reading and kinaesthetic learning styles. A student can read the text out loud. This is something that I recommend everyone does. To read Hebrew quietly to yourself will not help pick up any pronunciation errors. Then, by using the pen/pencil to draw in the syllable lines, will further enhance the Hebrew learning.

I suppose when I was nine years old I did not spend my time thinking about the different learning styles! However, in retrospect, utilizing the kinaesthetic style of learning definitely helped with my learning! It is something that is highly recommended. Easy Learn Hebrew actually has this tool available online.

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