Hebrew alphabet song – does it help to sing it?

Whether a person is from an English-speaking background, or a speaks a different language, chances are he or she would have learnt the alphabet of their language through singing a song. For people who learnt the English A, B, C, it would have been sung at the beginning of their reading journey to help them learn it. Similarly, learning the Hebrew alphabet song, it can help to learn the aleph bet.

Why does it help to sing the Hebrew alphabet song?

As with any language, the Hebrew alphabet song is important for because it helps them develop the building blocks to the that particular language. Singing the Hebrew alphabet song helps in understanding how each letter is pronounced. This is a necessary part of beginning to the Hebrew language. This is will eventually help with Hebrew reading.

The Hebrew language has quite different sounds to any other language, so it will help to sing the names of letters, to help with the unfamiliar sounds of the aleph bet.

Is it only necessary for children to sing it?

Singing the Hebrew alphabet song is helpful for building the understanding of how letters are pronounced. Therefore, anyone who is learning the Hebrew language should sing the it too. Whether they are an adult or a child. In fact, I teach the song to adults when I am teaching people to learn Hebrew in a face-to-face environment. It really helps with their learning.

In the Easy Learn Hebrew program there is even a section for the song at the end of each lesson. Feedback from existing and past students show that it really helped them on their Hebrew reading journey. When singing the song, it is important not to be embarrassed, especially if you are an adult. If you can sing with gusto, then it will help you progress quickly.

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