Quick Hebrew Alphabet Pronunciation – the easy, best and awesome – loving it!

Hebrew is an ancient language, and the Hebrew alphabet pronunciation is different in some ways and similar in others. Interestingly enough some of the consonants and vowels in the Hebrew alphabet pronunciation are very similar to that of the English alphabet. A few examples include ‘s’, ‘k’, ‘d’ and ‘t’. There are few others, but these are just a few good examples.

More difficult sounds in the Hebrew alphabet pronunciation

There are a few consonants and vowels that are not found in the English alphabet. It is important when learning the Hebrew alphabet pronunciation of these consonants and vowels that you learn to pronounce them correctly. For example, the ‘ch’ sound is very difficult for people who have not grown up with that sound. This sound is very common in Dutch and Afrikaans.

If you have not grown up using these languages then you will need to find a way to learn it. It is important to find a method that teaches you the more difficult sounds easily and quickly. Otherwise, it can become extremely frustrating! Easy Learn Hebrew provides tricks and tools to teach beginners how to pronounce the consonants and vowels not found in the English alphabet.

Why is correct pronunciation important?

It might seem like a silly question, but sometimes people want to find the ‘easy way’ and not put in any effort to learning the correct pronunciation. But it is important. There is one consonant that has the ‘ch’ sound as in ‘loch ness monster’. As mentioned earlier, it is difficult to pronounce, so many people pronounce it ‘k’, which is completely incorrect!

That is why it is important to find the right program (or teacher) to teach the correct Hebrew alphabet pronunciation. One last word, just give it a go, do not be shy or embarrassed to make mistakes. That is how you will learn!

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