Easy Hebrew Reading

When I think over the past month, there have been a plethora of Jewish festivals; the synagogues have been abuzz with people, activity; prayer. But one thing that has stood out for me is that fact that so many people did not know how to read Hebrew. Certainly, some people, when they were kids, went to a Jewish day school and were taught how to read in Hebrew.

I know I did; I will never forget the Hebrew teacher having a competition to see who could read Hebrew the fastest; yes the goal was to read Hebrew fast; he gave no value to reading with fluency, the emphasis was about reading with speed.

Back to my first point, there were so many people who did not know how to read Hebrew!  The synagogues need to offer opportunities for people who are keen to learn to read Hebrew. There are so many ways; one way is to learn to read Hebrew online through Easy Learn Hebrew.

This is just one option; for those less “technologically able” other options can be made available, such as private or small group tuition. Anything that will teach congregants to read Hebrew fluently; to be able to participate in praying together as a group , or an individual; and to sing together as a group.

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