Beginner Hebrew

A person who enrolls in a beginner Hebrew class usually has no knowledge of Hebrew whatsoever. A beginner Hebrew class offers the pupil the opportunity to learn the basics of the language. This will most likely include learning the Hebrew consonants and vowels. Depending on what course you enrol in, it may also offer the opportunity to learn how to actually read Hebrew.

Through the beginner Hebrew class, a person may also have the opportunity to learn how to actually read Hebrew. knowing the consonants and vowels is one thing, but being able to actually read a word fluently, is something else entirely different. Learning how to break up different syllables in Hebrew words helps the reader achiever reading fluency quickly.

How do I find a beginner Hebrew course?

This is a question that I am asked quite frequently. My answer is quite standard, It depends on a lot a of things! It depends on where you live and are you willing to travel to face-to-face classes? Is there even a beginner Hebrew course near you? or do you prefer an online beginner Hebrew course? Once you can answer these questions, that will make choosing a course quite easy.

Will I be able to learn basic phrases?

Having the time to learn Hebrew phrases will depend on the curriculum of the course, and how long the course actually goes for. If you are attending a 1-day course (yes, it exists!). The content may be very different to a course that runs for 1 month. A 1-day course will give you the absolute basics in beginner Hebrew, whereas the one-month curriculum may have more flexibility in the curriculum.

However, if the one-month course is one hour a week, then it is quite possible that you will cover the same material as the 1-day course. If learning basic phrases is important to you, then I suggest that you make further enquiries into the curriculum of the program.

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