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The age-old question people ask is, how do I learn Hebrew the easy way? To do so, you need to find the right resource. From the get-go, it is essential to understand that the Hebrew alphabet is entirely different from any other written alphabet and is an ongoing challenge for beginners. Once a student embraces this challenge, they can commence their learning.

All beginners aim to learn Hebrew the easy way, to learn either modern Hebrew or the biblical Hebrew language. To learn Hebrew the easy way is something everyone strives for; the student's main goal is to understand how to read Hebrew, which direction the words are read, whether to read the Hebrew letter or vowel first and how to read two vowels side by side.

Easy Learn Hebrew

Easy Learn Hebrew, the online Hebrew reading program answers all these questions, plus others the student may have. This online resource allows the student to learn to read the Hebrew language online. Whether a person wants to learn to read ancient Hebrew (also known as biblical Hebrew) or modern Hebrew, it will teach the student Hebrew pronunciation in an easy to learn format.

The program has seven Hebrew lessons. Following lesson one, each new lesson builds on the previous lessons covered, thus, helping the student build on their Hebrew reading skills. The skills they will learn will apply to reading biblical Hebrew and modern Hebrew.

Old Testament

The Old Testament, or as Jewish people say, the Tanakh, contains words not found in modern-day Hebrew, such as the Hebrew word for God. The Hebrew word for God is represented as yod, hei, vav, hei and is impossible to pronounce. Lesson seven in the Easy Learn Hebrew program teaches students how to pronounce all the challenging Hebrew words.

Indeed, learning to read Hebrew for the first time is like assembling a new puzzle. Imagine you are a ten-year-old child who has received a new puzzle for your birthday. You tear open the box, and in your excitement, you open the box and throw all the pieces on the table! At this point, you realise that you need to assemble the puzzle and do not know where to start. So, you ask someone to help you.

Together you develop a strategy for how to assemble the puzzle. For example, the two of you might look at the picture of the puzzle together and start finding pieces that look familiar. Slowly, you assemble the puzzle, and it starts to resemble the picture on the front of the puzzle box.

The same can be applied to learning to read Hebrew. You may have all the letters and vowels in front of you and need help figuring out where to start. All the 'pieces' start to look very similar, and you realise that you can only learn Hebrew with some guidance. As with the puzzle, you start looking for a resource such as Easy Learn Hebrew.

With the help of an online program, you are able to start learning the consonants, the vowels and how the words are broken up into syllables. All the skills that you learn will help you put the 'Hebrew reading puzzle' together. The important take-home point is to learn Hebrew slowly and methodically, allowing you to read slowly and fluently eventually.

This online program teaches you how to learn to read Hebrew. Although everyone wants to learn to read Hebrew fast, it is essential to start at the beginning and work through it. In a very logical sequence, the program sets out how to read Hebrew in seven lessons. The students start by learning the basic Hebrew concepts; the system provides many Hebrew reading tips for you to move through the lessons quickly. It shows you, step by step, how to read Hebrew, be it the Hebrew Bible or the newspaper for Hebrew beginners. Once you have mastered this skill, reading, you are encouraged to engage in further practice with the resources provided.

Learning to read Hebrew online is like learning 'face-to-face'; however, it can be helpful to have your Hebrew learning resource on an app so you can learn whenever and wherever you want. I like to call this 'learning Hebrew on the run!'. Indeed, it has never been easier to learn new things. You can learn Hebrew online wherever you want on any device.

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