learn hebrew easily
learn hebrew easily

Learn Hebrew easily

I often ask myself how can people learn Hebrew easily. I was fortunate enough to start when I was very young. My father was a Rabbi, so Hebrew was part of my lifestyle. But others who are not in the same position I was in; need to find ways to learn Hebrew easily. There are many ways people can learn Hebrew easily, but it is essential to take it slowly.

One of the first questions I ask my new my Hebrew pupils is, “How do you eat an elephant?” and they invariably look at me blankly. The answer is always the same “One bite at a time!”. The same attitude needs to be taken when you are looking to learn Hebrew easily. Do not try and tackle everything all at once.

Learn the Hebrew Alphabet chart

The first step is to learn the Hebrew Alphabet chart, or, as it is called in Hebrew, the Hebrew aleph bet chart, is a fantastic resource to kickstart your Hebrew reading journey and to learn the Hebrew letters. The first step is to learn it! This, in itself, can be a challenge. To start learning Hebrew, you need to make sure that you learn the Aleph Bet in an easy-to-remember way, such as using little tricks and stories to help you. Indeed, one challenge is the aleph pronunciation. Everyone assumes that because it is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and the first letter of the word aleph is an a, it is pronounced ‘ah’. However, it is not, it is a silent letter. For people whose first language is English, this can be quite confusing.

Hebrew language

It is important to recognise that Hebrew language learning is like any other new skill; you need to find out how you learn best. Is through visual aids, listening to an audio/teacher. Or is it through reading the text, or perhaps using your hands to learn? Or it might be all four ways. Whichever way you learn best, make the most of it, and throw yourself into learning this new skill. It is crucial that you commence your journey with the write resources that will help you grasp the basics, and a mindset that is focussed and dedicated. Once these two elements are in place, the rest will fall into place, and with a mindset for success, fluency in Hebrew reading will be achieved.

Another consideration to consider, is to work out before you learn Hebrew reading, or learn to write Hebrew, do you prefer to have Hebrew lessons with a private tutor, in a group environment or if you are happy to learn through an online program, such as Easy Learn Hebrew. Whatever you choose, make sure it is right for you.

At the start of your Hebrew learning journey, you will start with the basics, you may not learn Hebrew writing, but at some point, you will need to decide if you are focusing on biblical Hebrew or modern Hebrew. If you choose biblical, or, ancient Hebrew, be aware, that you may eventually need to read without vowels, depending on the path you choose.

However, when you start learning Hebrew, it is essential to understand the role of vowels. While biblical and ancient Hebrew did not originally include written vowels, modern Hebrew employs vowel symbols to aid pronunciation and comprehension. Understanding vowel sounds and markings will greatly enhance your Hebrew reading skills.

If you are focussed on learning about Jewish culture and texts, then biblical Hebrew sounds like it the path you may take. Biblical Hebrew is used in religious texts, such as the Jewish bible, the Torah. Many Christians study the ancient text to be able to understand the origins of the Christian additions to the Jewish texts.

However, if your focus on understanding modern Israeli culture, then modern Hebrew may be your chosen path. It is important to note that modern Hebrew, the official language of Israel, has evolved from biblical and ancient Hebrew. While there are similarities, modern Hebrew incorporates additional vocabulary and grammar rules.

While focusing on written Hebrew, it is equally important to practice speaking and listening. Engaging in conversations with native speakers or participating in language exchange programs can significantly improve your fluency. Immerse yourself in Hebrew media, such as films, music, and podcasts, to further enhance your language skills.

Remember that learning any language requires dedication, practice, and patience. As you progress, you will become more comfortable with Hebrew pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. Embrace the journey, seek out resources, and enjoy the process of discovering the beauty of the Hebrew language.

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