Organizations that recommend the Easy Learn Hebrew system

  • Rodeph Shalom
  • Central Synagogue
  • Kehilat Shanghai
  • Chabad of RARA
  • The North Shore Synagogue
  • Temple Emanual North Shore
  • Temple Emanuel
  • ARZA
  • UPJ
  • Beit Or v'Shalom
  • Beth El Binah
  • The Leo Baeck Centre
  • Temple Emanu-El
  • Netzer
  • Etz Chaim
  • Beth Shalom
  • Temple Shalom
  • Beit Shalom Synagogue
  • Morling College
  • Jewish Pluralist Education Network

The Easy Learn Hebrew program is based on the original Hebrew teaching methods developed by Rabbi Lampert, that have enjoyed outstanding success in the classroom environment for over 50 years.
These same methods have now been made available online and can be accessed by you, from anywhere in the world.

learn hebrew beginners

I am tremendously excited to see this method made available online as it has been.

learn hebrew beginners

Rabbi Richard G. Lampert

Learn Hebrew beginners

 The phrase learn Hebrew beginners is not grammatically correct and is not commonly used in day-to-day conversation. However, it pinpoints exactly what it is trying to say. Essentially, it refers to beginners (people with no experience) learning Hebrew. There are so many people out there who fit into the category of learn Hebrew beginners. 

So many people are required to learn this ancient language. These people might be children who were born in Israel. Just like in any other country, the children are required to learn the language when they start school. Another group that fits into the learn Hebrew beginners category is children or adults who have moved to Israel to live there. When a Jewish person (whatever age they are) moves to Israel, this is called ‘making Aliyah’. Unrelated to the learn Hebrew beginners, the Hebrew word ‘aliyah’ means ‘going up’. It can mean both physically and spiritually. 

Another group of people who fit into this group are Jewish children who need to learn to read Hebrew for their Bar/ Bat Mitzvah ceremony. They are required to lead the congregation in prayer and read from the Torah and the Haftorah. 

There are two more groups who fit into this category, one of them being Christians who want to read the Bible in the original text and the other being adults who want to convert to Judaism. Those who are choosing to convert to Judaism need to learn Hebrew for a completely different reason than those who are Christians who want to read the Bible. The convertees need to be able to read the prayers that are read or sung in both the Synagogue and at home. Whereas Christians only need to focus on the Hebrew language in the Bible. 

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From the Founder

learn hebrew beginners

The Easy Learn Hebrew story began in 1986 when I became involved with Rabbi Lampert's teaching methods as a tutor in the 'Learn To Read Hebrew In One Day' course.

This course took students, who could not read a word of Hebrew at the beginning of the day, and by the end of the day they could read Hebrew, slowly, but correctly.

In 1999, I completed my Bachelor of Arts majoring in Hebrew, and, as part of my degree, spent a year in Israel studying Hebrew at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In 2008, I became the primary instructor for the 'Learn To Read Hebrew In One Day' course.

Whilst conducting these face to face courses it occurred to me that this unique classroom-based method could be transferred to an online format to make it accessible to people all around the world, and so the Easy Learn Hebrew program was born!

The Easy Learn Hebrew program is the 'Learn To Read Hebrew In One Day' classroom course 'online', however offering much more in terms of being able to revise the 'classroom' content online repeatedly via the videos, take the online quizzes and being able to print out the associated hard copy learning materials as required.

I am very excited to make this program available and look forward to welcoming you as an online Easy Learn Hebrew student.

Yael Rottanburg

Founder - EasyLearnHebrew.com

learn hebrew beginners

Experience learning to read Hebrew with this unique proven system.

North Ryde. NSW. Australia