learn hebrew beginners
learn hebrew beginners

Learn Hebrew beginners

The phrase learn Hebrew beginners is not grammatically correct and is not commonly used in day-to-day conversation. However, it pinpoints the message clearly. Essentially, it refers to beginners (people who have yet to gain experience) learning Hebrew. There are so many people out there who fit into the category of learn Hebrew beginners.

Different cohorts who begin to learn Hebrew

So many people are required to learn this ancient language. These people might be children who were born in Israel. Just like in any other country around the world, children born in Israel are required to learn the language when they start school, focussing on Hebrew vocabulary. All public schools in Israel teach the Hebrew Bible and biblical Hebrew grammar.

Another cohort that fits into the learn Hebrew beginners category is children or adults who have moved to Israel to live there permanently. The term used to describe a Jewish person who moves to Israel permanently is 'making Aliyah'. The word Aliyah literally means 'going up'. This term is used in two ways in Judaism. One of them is 'making Aliyah' to 'go up' to Jerusalem, which is located up in Judea's hills. In Hebrew, this is referred to as haray Yehuda. Furthermore, this term is integral to Zionist ideology - to live in Israel permanently.

Additionally, the term Aliyah in Judaism is also used when a Jewish adult is given the honour of being called up for a section of the reading of the Torah and to recite specific blessings praising God and acknowledging that God gave the Jewish people the Torah. When the person who is receiving this honour ascends the bimah (raised platform) in the Synagogue, they recite a blessing; after the portion of the Torah is read (or chanted), the person recites another blessing, again praising God. The reason why this honour is called an Aliyah is that a person is physically going up some stairs to the bimah (the raised platform) to where the Torah is located. However, it also refers to the spiritual elevation to be close to the Torah.

The Hebrew vowel system

Another group of people who need to learn the Hebrew vowels system and the Hebrew alphabet are Jewish children who need to learn Hebrew reading for their Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah ceremony. If the child's family is affiliated with Conservative or Progressive Judaism, both boys and girls read from the Hebrew texts, such as the Torah and the Haftorah, when they are both thirteen years old. However, it is different for families who are affiliated with Orthodox Judaism; the boys become Bar Mitzvah at age thirteen, and the girls become Bat Mitzvah at age twelve.

I have taught many kids to learn to read ancient Hebrew (as found in the Torah) in preparation for their 'coming-of-age' ceremony. Initially, I supplied them with easy Hebrew worksheets, and I also encouraged them to utilise the online Easy Learn Hebrew program to learn the Hebrew alphabet. Using this program, they were able to download practice sheets for reading and worksheets to practice breaking up the words into syllables.

Before I conclude, I want to mention that two more groups fit into this category of learning Hebrew as a beginner, one of them being Christians who want to read the Bible in the original text. are other is adults who want to convert to Judaism. Those who are choosing to convert to Judaism need to learn Hebrew for a completely different reason than those who are Christians who want to read the Bible. The people who are undergoing conversion need to be able to read the prayers that are read or sung in both the Synagogue and at home. Whereas Christians only need to focus on the Hebrew language in the Bible.

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