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hebrew4 christian

Hebrew4 Christian

Teenagers who attend Christian youth groups may have coined the term or the phrase Hebrew4 Christian. It's a very modern-day way of writing Hebrew for Christians! It is a bit like 'LOL'; laugh out loud! Which, BTW, it took me a long time to work out what that meant! Communication among today's teenagers is like another language.

There are websites dedicated to teaching parents how to decipher their teen's new language! I am surprised that hebrew4 Christian has not been abbreviated to h4c; however, there is still time for that, LOL! I think this term is a very easy abbreviation for parents to decipher compared to other abbreviations that teenagers use when talking to their friends.

A simple Google search brought up a few websites that provide information to parents on how to decipher abbreviations; however, they did not include this particular phrase. This phrase is more straightforward than some others I have come across. However innocent the abbreviations may be, they are confusing for the 'uneducated', such as their parents!

A few cute examples include: WTPA: Where's the party at? TL;DR Too long, didn't read or 143: I love you (I do not understand that abbreviation at all!); 1432: I love you too (very cute!) I think h4c or hebrew4 Christian can be included in this list. However, there are other more sinister examples that parents need to watch out for. One example is FYEO or 4YEO: For your eyes only (this may indicate explicit photos). Indeed, another way teenagers communicate is using emojis, which are another way of communicating altogether; it is a popular way of expressing emotions without using words. Indeed, emojis have been compared to the hieroglyphic language used in ancient Egypt.

Hebrew bible verses for Christians

I learnt something interesting from my Christian friend, that Hebrew bible verses for Christians are essential for Christians interested in biblical Hebrew. Yeshua told me that learning the Hebrew alphabet helps him understand the Jewish Torah. In fact, he discovered a website to help him learn to read Hebrew and learn some vocabulary. It is called Easy Learn Hebrew. Indeed, understanding one Hebrew word and many other words helps him a great deal.

Indeed, being able to read the Bible in the original text is a segue for him (and many other Christians) to understand the context of the development of the Christian additions to the Jewish Torah. In essence, that this the purpose of the Bible in Christianity. The Bible provides guidance about how to live a Christian life in the way God wants them to.

Hebrew grammar

Reading the bible and understanding Hebrew grammar is also important for Christians. Having a basic understanding of grammar enables Christians to differentiate between masculine and feminine verbs, as well as find the root letters in a word. Each Hebrew verb has a set of two, three or four root letters. Indeed, being able to identify the root letters in verbs is another tool for people to be able to understand the Hebrew text. Even if a person cannot identify the word's exact meaning, he or she can still understand the 'essence' of the word by identifying the root letters.

Building up this knowledge allows a person to slowly learn to identify the different Hebrew verb forms. Whilst there are multiple verb forms, to summarise it, they include masculine and feminine verb forms, past, present, and future tenses. Verb forms are also represented as singular and plural verbs. However, it is far more complicated and complex than what I am writing here.

I will need to write a number of essays to explain the different verb forms. However, understanding the Hebrew text will start falling into place once the root letters can be identified. One day I would like to create a mug for people to buy with the different verb forms! Imagine sitting at your desk at work and studying your mug to try and learn the Hebrew verb conjugations! It is undoubtedly a conversation starter (although I doubt your boss will be terribly impressed – LOL!) A mug with the Hebrew verb conjugations is definitely something for the tearoom!

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