hebrew lessons online
hebrew lessons online

Hebrew lessons online

I want you to imagine a humorous scenario. Imagine that you were in Canaan 3000 years ago, during the biblical times. Joseph (Jacob’s son) is at home, and all his brothers are out tending to the herds of sheep. Now, imagine that Joseph cannot read Hebrew, but he wants to learn the ancient Hebrew language. He has heard all his brothers reading Hebrew and wants to be just like them.

Hebrew reading lessons

Hebrew reading lessons were extremely important to Joseph. His mother, Rachel recognises this and wants to help him achieve his goals of being ablet to read the ancient Hebrew language. As a starting point, she decided she will teach him the biblical Hebrew alphabet. However, she had a problem, as she had never taught anyone to read Hebrew before, as Joseph was her eldest son. To solve this problem, Rachel decided to bite the bullet and ask her older sister, Leah for help. After all, Leah has had plenty of experience in this area as she already had six sons, Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Issachar, Zebulun, and Judah. All six of them could already read Hebrew fluently. Leah had taught all six of them to successfully to read the Hebrew bible.

To give a humorous twist to ancient history, imagine that, after much discussion, it is decided that Joseph will do well by having Hebrew lessons online. Leah starts investigating, speaks to her sons about different resources and find the ideal program that will help Joseph. Although he knows how to speak Hebrew, she knows that he needs to focus on the Hebrew letters.

Now, back to reality. That clearly did not happen! Online learning started becoming popular 3,000 years later! We are so fortunate in today’s world that we have access to such a wide variety of resources to learn a language. So many people are taking advantage of technology and having Hebrew lessons online.

At this point, I want to acknowledge that my comment about ‘being fortunate’ about having access to technology is only applicable to those who can afford it. Only some people have a computer and not everyone has access to the internet. Therefore, not everyone can access Hebrew lessons online. This is referred to as ‘digital poverty’ or ‘digital inequity’.

Digital inequity became increasingly apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic when children were required to attend school lessons. Many children either did not have computers or had limited internet access. As a result, they most certainly did not have access to online learning. The effects of this are being felt now. The ‘pandemic’ children have fallen behind in numeracy and literacy. The technological divide goes beyond the ability to have lessons on the computer. The world is technologically oriented, such as banking, online shopping, social media communication, and so on. I want to refrain from starting a political dialogue. However, I think governments have a responsibility to ensure all citizens have equal access to technology and the internet.

Modern Hebrew vocabulary

Modern Hebrew vocabulary has become increasingly popular as there has been an increase of people travelling to Israel. People who go to Israel want to feel that they can speak Hebrew to communicate with the Hebrew speakers and not to feel like a tourist all the time! Although, many Israelis speak English quite well, and sometimes prefer to practice their English!

However, sometimes people land in the Holy Land without any Hebrew whatsoever. Sometimes, people enrol in Ulpan (Hebrew course) to learn the Hebrew letters, and slowly learn one Hebrew word at a time. There is ulpan available for both adults and for kids. Although, some people want to learn Hebrew to learn biblical Hebrew.

I do realise that there is a difference between modern and biblical Hebrew. but it is surprising how many similarities there are. There are so many words that are found in both vernaculars. A simple is example is the word ‘I’. Using the transliterated version of ‘ani’, this is used in both biblical and modern contexts. There are many other examples, such as ‘walk’ and ‘eat’. The list is endless. Furthermore, the Hebrew letters are the same in modern and biblical Hebrew. once a person learns modern Hebrew, it can be easily applied to biblical Hebrew, as is shown in the Easy Learn Hebrew program.

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