hebrew courses online
hebrew courses online

Hebrew courses online

Imagine you have been transported back to biblical times and recently joined the Israelites and Joshua in Canaan. They all speak Hebrew except for you. Naturally, the first thing you think about is how you can learn Hebrew lessons and how you can access Hebrew courses online. As we well know, 2000 years ago, Hebrew courses online were not in existence!

Instead, people spent time learning the Hebrew bible and having Hebrew lessons in groups in tents or, perhaps, outside. I imagine that they would carve the Hebrew letters onto parchment or papyrus for longevity. However, short or temporary records were written or scratched on potsherds (ostraca) or wax tablets. They most definitely did not have blackboards!

The Torah, or as some people call it, the Old Testament, was received at Mount Sinai before Joshua conquered the city of Jericho, so I can only imagine that the Jewish people were studying around our fictional campfire were texts from the Torah. Regardless of what they were reading or studying, it would have involved carvings and lots of discussion.

Hebrew course to learn Biblical Hebrew alphabet

A typical Hebrew course to learn the biblical Hebrew alphabet may have been held around the campfire, with all the people in Joshua’s camp gathering around in small groups, which is understandable, as the Hebrew bible is their primary form of reading material. However, you start to get increasingly frustrated.

Indeed, you realise that unless you transport yourself back to 2023, you will need to learn Hebrew the old-fashioned way, like so many other people had to do! However, luckily for us, we have access to both methods of learning. There are so many advantages to engaging with Hebrew courses online. Firstly, you can study wherever you want.

I can see us sitting in a tent 2000 years ago, wearing ancient robes, eating from ceramic bowls and feasting on wine, honey and pomegranates, bread olives and olive oil! When the meal is finished, we pull out our laptops to start looking for the best way to learn this language online. What a great scene that would make it in a movie!

Back to the present day now! I learnt Hebrew ‘the old-fashioned way’ by attending face-to-face classes. I attended Hebrew University Ulpan to learn the modern Hebrew language. However, at that time of my life, it would have been so handy to have access to online courses, as they are a simple and convenient way to learn this ancient language.

Language courses

Language courses in the present day, in 2023, can be delivered in many ways, both face-to-face Hebrew lessons and through online courses, such as Easy Learn Hebrew. There are advantages to both deliveries. Indeed, if you commute for work, accessing the online program makes it very easy to revise the homework on the bus or train. It also saves time travelling to and from classes. Nowadays, it can be extremely tiring to travel to work and then to classes, which may be another half-hour drive from where you live. Therefore, we need to maximise the time we have for participating in the activities we enjoy and try to avoid travelling unnecessarily. We need to consider the rising costs of petrol and general cost of living.

Another advantage is that it is perfect if you prefer to learn independently. You can learn at your own pace whenever you want. For example, some people learn well early in the morning or late at night. However, early risers or night owls would be hard-pressed to find face-to-face classes at 6 am or midnight! This style of learning may work well for you if you are an independent learner. Having the flexibility to learn at a time that suits you may make all the difference in engaging with the material. But, again, it is all about what works for you and your lifestyle. It is important to explore the advantages and disadvantages of both.

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