hebrew classes
hebrew classes

Hebrew classes

There are so many reasons why people want to attend Hebrew classes. The word 'why' is the critical word in my comment. It is all very well signing up for Hebrew classes, but, as with everything, a person's 'why' is vital to success. Indeed, the initial excitement makes it easier to start learning a different language, but, as with everything, the initial excitement dissipates. The problem when new activities become commonplace is that it becomes repetitive. The same applies to going to Hebrew classes. They will also soon become routine and ordinary. It is at this point that a person needs to access their 'why factor. So many factors can influence your 'why'. Your stage of life may have a strong influence on your 'why'.

Let us start with the childhood stage of life. It is at this time of a Jewish child's life when they start preparing for the Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony at age thirteen. The twelve-year-old child undertakes this preparation. They have a solid reason why they are attending regular classes to learn Hebrew. Their 'why' may be due to pressure from their family to continue this ancient tradition.

Although, I do know some kids who are studying for their Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah who are entirely self-motivated and self-directed. Their parents do not need to pressure them at all to do their homework. They chose to learn the biblical Hebrew language on their own accord. There is a deadline and a goal. Indeed, sometimes family members, such as the parents or grandparents, also decide, in the spirit of the occasion, to learn the Hebrew alphabet and attend Hebrew bible classes to support the child in the family who is studying ancient Hebrew for the ceremony. I once taught a boy and his grandfather to read the classical Hebrew alphabet. They both loved doing it together.

Hebrew ulpan classes

Hebrew ulpan classes are an opportunity for people to learn modern Hebrew. The cohort who attends ulpan are usually people in their twenties or thirties (although not always). Sometimes people take time out from their university studies or career to travel to Israel to attend ulpan. It can be an opportunity to expand one's knowledge of Hebrew.

This opportunity is not just open to Jewish people. When I attended Hebrew ulpan, there were a number of non-Jewish people who had enrolled to learn Hebrew. These people were keen to expand their knowledge of Hebrew. Attending ulpan seems to be the next step in taking their biblical Hebrew language to the next level.

Hebrew bible studies

Hebrew bible studies are another 'why' for many people. They are keen to read their bible in its original language. In addition, many Christians are drawn to study the Hebrew bible to connect with the texts that inform the Christian bible, also known as the New Testament. Sometimes they study at a bible college or enrol somewhere else to study Hebrew.

I have met a number of people who decide to attend Hebrew language classes or have enrolled in Easy Learn Hebrew when they have decided to convert to Judaism. A person might convert for a number of different reasons; one of these is when a non-Jewish person falls in love with a Jewish person and wants to have a Jewish wedding and raise a Jewish family.

These are some of the many reasons why a person decides to convert to Judaism; at that point, they undergo conversion. Indeed, the afore-mentioned reasons in this article are only some reasons why people decide to learn Hebrew, but not all. Whatever your reason is, keep your 'why' at the forefront of your mind. It will make it a more rewarding experience for you. There is nothing more fulfilling in life than achieving an important goal. It raises a person's self-esteem and also leads to increased self-confidence. It allows us to focus our attention on something that is meaningful and gives us purpose. Indeed, goal setting is not just for the younger generation. People are constantly setting new goals in life.

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