hebrew classes near me
hebrew classes near me

Hebrew classes near me

The other day I was at a friend’s house having a coffee, and her new neighbour, Ann, popped in. She was so excited as she had just decided that she decided to convert to Judaism and wanted to start learning Hebrew. The first question she asked was, where can I start learning Hebrew near me? I jumped on board, full of excitement and enthusiasm. I explained to her that there were different options, such as face-to-face classes or online programs. I suggested that she searches for the term Hebrew classes near me on the internet.

I explained further that with the internet at her fingertips, she could subscribe to online programs, and her quest to find Hebrew classes near me was realised at the click of a button. All she had to do was log on to a search engine, such as Google or Firefox, and type in the words, Hebrew classes near me, and a variety of options would be available to her. After chatting with me, Ann realised that she did not need to look far in this day and age to start learning Hebrew!

Learning the Hebrew aleph-bet in a class near me

Ann typed into various search engines. Learning the Hebrew aleph bet in a class near me, and she realised that she would also need to make a few phone calls to various places for their face-to-face classes. So, she started calling local Synagogues, her local Jewish Community Centre, and the local University to find out what her options were. Initially, Ann was so excited that she had found some local classes. However, her mood soon changed. To her dismay, she realised that none of the classes were close to public transport, and she did not drive. With a choke in her voice, she told me that she had to drop her idea of learning the ancient Hebrew language, as she had no way of getting to the face-to-face classes.

I took her hand in mine, looked her in the eye and told her not to worry! I explained that if she could not attend face-to-face classes, she could learn Hebrew online! She could download the Hebrew alphabet chart or flashcards; she could learn Hebrew pronunciation; she could learn some basic Hebrew phrases to learn before she goes to Israel! Ann did a double take! She was stunned. She had no idea that this option was even available to her. It was also so simple to do too – it was as simple as the ABC! I started showing her the different options, such as Easy Learn Hebrew, and her face lit up with excitement. An entire world was opening to her, without having to leave her home and without having to struggle with navigating public transport!

Biblical Hebrew pronunciation

Ann confided in me that she had wanted to learn Biblical Hebrew pronunciation for as long as she could remember. Although some of her friends had learnt Hebrew writing, both print and cursive and had an alphabet chart on their bedroom walls showing both styles, that really was not where her interest lay. Instead, she wanted to learn to read the Torah, the Mishnah, and other critical Jewish texts such as the Haggadah and the siddur. I told her that she did not have to learn Hebrew writing; she could focus on the reading. Ann’s relief was palpable; all she wanted to do was to get moving and learn the Hebrew alphabet. Ann asked me to take her to the local Jewish bookshop as she wanted to start her studying for her conversion program; I grabbed her hand, and we jumped in the car. I thought when someone is so passionate, let’s make the most of her enthusiasm and make hay while the sun shines!

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hebrew classes near me

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