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Finally - A Proven System Where Anyone Can Learn To Read Hebrew In A Fun And Easy Manner and In The Privacy of Their Own Home!

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Read Hebrew Easily


From: Yael And The Easy Learn Hebrew Team
Re: Learning To Read Hebrew Quickly And Easily

Shalom, we have been teaching people to read Hebrew online since 2009.

It all started when I learned to read Hebrew and was fortunate enough to be taught by Rabbi Lampert. Rabbi Lampert created and perfected a method of teaching Hebrew reading using cartoons, quirky stories and unique 'memory hooks' - making it easy and fun to learn to read Hebrew quickly.

Over the years that I have been teaching Hebrew off line and face-to-face, I have come across many students who have tried different methods and resources to learn to read Hebrew, they however found that these had many shortcomings and did not really work for them. Does this sound familiar to you?

Here Is The Biggest Problem
Most People Have About Learning To Read Hebrew…

Both adults and children alike find learning to read Hebrew challenging and difficult.

Many students who try to learn to read Hebrew for the first time become discouraged and disillusioned. Students sometimes abandon their Hebrew education and ‘stumble along’ trying to read Hebrew on their own. They often feel embarrassed by their poor reading skills and regret not having persisted with their studies.

Our students have reported that BEFORE they completed the Easy Learn Hebrew program they felt:

  • Frustrated that they could not read Hebrew.
  • Self-conscious when reading Hebrew in front of others.
  • Uncertain if, in fact, they were pronouncing the Hebrew words correctly.
It is not only difficult learning a new skill, but trying to fit it in around a busy life with other commitments such as work, family and friends etc, adds significantly to the challenge.

We know exactly how you feel, and that is why we created Easy Learn Hebrew.

Read Hebrew EasilyRabbi Lampert

Easy Learn Hebrew Takes The Stress And Frustration Out Of Learning To Read Hebrew And Makes It Fun And Easy To Learn - No Matter What Your Age Is!

The Easy Learn Hebrew program is based on the original Hebrew teaching methods developed by Rabbi Richard Lampert that have enjoyed outstanding success in the classroom environment for over 50 years. Now you too can use Rabbi Lampert's original method and get the same excellent results that our other students have.

Whether you have a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or phone, Easy Learn Hebrew is a Hebrew reading course in your pocket, backpack or briefcase. Your online teacher is always there and is always ready - Available 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week. No matter what time of day or night you want to attend your Hebrew reading course, you can log on and continue from where you left off.

Easy Learn Hebrew is a proven Hebrew reading system that is available to you online right now so you can learn to read Hebrew when it suits and where it suits you.

Leave all the frustration behind and start learning today!

Read Hebrew Easily

Here's What Just A Few Of Our Many Students Have To Say:

Read Hebrew

"An incredibly empowering and confidence-building resource"

I found Easy Learn Hebrew to be an incredibly empowering and confidence-building resource, and recommend it highly.

It put me at ease and made the learning process fun! The blend of video teaching and detailed tutorials and quizzes, together with the strong emphasis on sounding out words aloud and making memorable associations with letters, gave me a great start in learning to read Hebrew words.

It helped me gain a confidence and enjoyment in learning the language that has stayed with me.

Michael Thompson

Read Hebrew At Your Own Pace

"The program has far exceeded my expectations"

We've been trying for some time to teach our 8 year old son to read Hebrew using a variety of methods, but nothing seemed to really be working. With the limited time we were dedicating to the task, he wasn't really retaining much knowledge from one session to the next. Also, he wasn't enjoying it at all and resisted spending any time trying to learn.

I was a bit sceptical about how effective the program would be and if it would actually help engage my son in the learning.

The program has far exceeded my expectations! Firstly it is extremely effective. Although we do only spend small amounts of time on it (about 1/2 hour a week) my son remembers the material really well between sessions.

Secondly, and probably more importantly, my son really enjoys using the program. Learning to read Hebrew is no longer a chore. He is very happy to sit down to watch the videos, do the tutorials and especially to do the tests at the end of each lesson. I think this is because he's getting so much satisfaction from seeing that he is making progress. He says he doesn't really know why but "it's just fun!"

I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to learn to read Hebrew or to teach their kids to read Hebrew.

Karen, Mother of Aaron aged 8

Read Hebrew Easily

You'll Never Get Bored And We'll Never Leave You Behind

Have you ever attended a course where the instructor took too long to get to the point and you found yourself bored and your thoughts a million miles away?

Or perhaps before you had time to properly understand the foundation concepts, the instructor, at warp speed, was already covering the more advanced material?

This will never happen with the Easy Learn Hebrew program. You can go at whatever pace works for you, fast in the areas that you grasp easily and then slower, if you need to take more time on other sections.

You can also easily return to previous lessons to double check concepts and information covered. The videos can be paused if you want to take notes and it's easy to rewind or fast forward to the sections you want to get to quickly.

Read Hebrew Easily

Learn With Your Preferred Mode Or Modes

People have different modes of learning. Some people prefer reading information, others prefer listening to information whilst others prefer watching information being delivered, such as in a video.

The Easy Learn Hebrew program delivers the course information using all three modes. This way you can learn to read Hebrew using your preferred learning mode, or a combination of learning modes, making it easy to understand and retain the learning.

To suit your individual style or mood, the colour theme of your 'online classroom' can also be selected to further enhance your learning experience.

Read Hebrew Easily

Here's What Is Included When You Enroll With Us At Easy Learn Hebrew

Today You'll Gain Instant Access To Learn To Read Hebrew With Our 7 Easy Lessons That Are Accessible 24 Hours A Day - 7 Days A Week

Here Are The 7 Easy Lessons:

Lesson 1: In lesson 1 you will learn the consonants Reish, Dalet, Vav, Zayin, Taf and the vowels: Patakh and Seghol. You will also learn about syllable types one and two.

Lesson 2: In lesson 2 you will learn the consonants Gimmel, Noon, Lamed, Koof, Yod, silent Yod and the vowels: Khirik and Koobootz.

Lesson 3: In lesson 3 you will learn the consonants Beit, Veit, Kaf, Khaf, Pei, Fei and the vowel: Tzeirah. You will also learn about the Dagheish.

Lesson 4: In lesson 4 you will learn the consonants Shin, Sin, Mem, Aleph, Tet, Ayin and the vowel: Sh'va. You will also learn about syllable types three, four and five.

Lesson 5: In lesson 5 you will learn the consonants Tsadi, Hei, Kheit and the vowels: Kholam Khaser, Kholam Malei and Shoorook. You will also learn about the sixth type of syllable and the Hei rules.

Lesson 6: In lesson 6 you will learn the consonants Samekh,  Final Mem, Final Noon, Final Fei, Final Tsadi, Final Khaf, Final Kaf, and the Khataf vowels. You will also learn about the Metteg.

Lesson 7: In lesson 7 you will learn the reading rules one through seven. Understanding the 7 reading rules is vital to being able to read and pronounce Hebrew correctly. We show you exactly how and when these rules are applied.

We Have Broken Every Lesson Into 4 Distinct Sections To Make It Easier For You To Learn And Retain The Knowledge

Section 1: The Video is a class room video recording of a lesson presented by one of the Easy Learn Hebrew instructors. In this segment the Hebrew letters and reading rules for that lesson are introduced and explained. The videos are delivered in crisp High Definition (HD) quality to make your Hebrew learning more lifelike than ever.

Section 2: The Tutorial goes deeper into the areas that were covered in the Video section. Here the Easy Learn Hebrew program makes use of a rich range of mediums including cartoons, quirky stories and mini video clips to assist in understanding and remembering the material covered in that lesson.

Section 3: The Quiz is an opportunity for you to test yourself and see how much you have learned. The quiz is self-paced, and only you get to see your score. When you are satisfied that you are comfortable with the material covered in that lesson you can go on to the next one. There is no rush and you can revise the lessons as many times as you need to, making sure you understand the content.

Section 4: The Song is a fun way to learn and remember the Hebrew alphabet.

In addition, you get to access the Easy Learn Hebrew Flash Card templates for each lesson which make it easy to make your own words to further practice your Hebrew reading skills.

The Course Content Gives You All The Resources You Need To Progress Correctly And Easily

  • 49 Printable Flashcards
    Print out the flash cards to make your own words. This helps you practice sounding out the consonants and vowels to reinforce your learning.

  • 43 Tutorial Modules With Video
    Explore the material in depth that was introduced in the lesson's video section. This reinforces the information to ensure your learning ‘sticks' and will be remembered.

  • 10 Vocabulary Modules With Audio
    Read words for practice and you get to expand your Hebrew vocabulary too!

  • 8 Classroom Videos
    Watch the videos delivered by an experienced and easy to understand Easy Learn Hebrew instructor in a classroom environment. The videos are delivered in a fun and engaging way to make sure the concepts are easily understood and remembered.

  • 8 Reading Modules With Audio
    Practice what was learned to reinforce your learning.

  • 7 Quiz Modules With Audio
    Evaluate what you have learned and identify any areas that you need to revisit before moving on to the next lesson.

  • 6 Examples Modules With Audio
    Reinforcing your learning with the examples modules text that illustrate the information covered in the lesson.

  • 6 Revision Modules
    Revise the material covered in the lesson to make sure you are comfortable with what was covered.

  • 6 Printable Worksheets
    Practice breaking up the Hebrew words into their syllables with the printable worksheets. Understanding how the words are broken up into their syllables are key to reading Hebrew correctly.

  • Songs With Visuals
    Sing the song to learn the Hebrew alphabet in a fun and easy way. Remembering the letters quickly makes it easy to identify where they are used in each lesson.

  • Printable Prayers And Blessings With Audio
    Practice your Hebrew reading for a 'real world' situation with the universal prayers.

  • Personalised Space - Choose Your Own Theme
    'Paint' your classroom with the following colours to enhance your learning environment: Ocean, Sea, Sky, Storm, Spring, Summer, Earth, Sunrise, Plum and Candy.

  • Printable Course Completion Certificate
    Print your graduation certificate at the completion of the course - to display with pride alongside your other certificates of achievement.

  • Technical And Linguistic Support
    Our friendly staff are on hand to assist you, whether it be a technical query or a linguistic one - making sure you get the most out of the program.

  • Choice Of Bronze, Silver Or Gold Plans
    Choose the plan that suits your circumstances, allowing you to spend the most suitable amount of time that you need to learn to read Hebrew.

Read Hebrew Easily

You'll Not Be Left In The Dark Help Is Only A Click Away

There is a comprehensive 'How To' help guide in the course environment that will answer any question that you may encounter. If the answer is not there you can contact our support staff who will get back to you within 24 hours.

We want you to succeed that's why we are here to give you the support so that you can learn to read Hebrew easily and correctly.

Read Hebrew Easily

More... Take Your Reading Ability To The Next Level With The Additional Resources in the More... Section

Once you have completed all the lessons and you know how to read Hebrew, you can take advantage of the More... section of the course.

In the More... section there is a large selection of universal Hebrew texts, such as the Blessings Over Wine, Blessings Over Bread, the Four Questions asked at Passover and the prayers recited before and after you read from the Torah etc.

These further texts are written using the unique Easy Learn Hebrew text markup method which has been used throughout the course to further enhance your reading ability.

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !
When You Complete The Easy Learn Hebrew Program You'll Also Receive Your Very Own Certificate Of Achievement

We'll make it official so when you finish going through our program, you'll also receive the Easy Learn Hebrew certificate of achievement stating that you have successfully completed our course. You can display your certificate with pride to show what you have accomplished.

EasyLearnHebrew Certificate
Read Hebrew Easily

Will This Work For You? We've Taught People From All Walks Of Life And We Can Teach You!

People who never learnt to read Hebrew when they were younger and then found themselves frustrated and at a loss when wanting to participate in Jewish services and celebrations.

Christian students who have wanted to learn to read Hebrew so they could read the ancient Hebrew texts in their original form.

Students wanting to learn Hebrew as part of their converting to Judaism process.

Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah students who needed extra support in preparing them for their rites of passage in their Jewish 'coming of age'.

Older children attending Jewish day schools for the first time and needing to get their level of Hebrew reading 'fast tracked' to keep up with the class.

Men and women wanting to connect or reconnect with their Jewish tradition and religion.

Mature Aged Bar and Bat Mitzvah students.

And many more...

Students from 63 Countries and 912 cities and towns have successfully used this program to learn to read Hebrew

Read Hebrew Easily

"It took me less than a week to learn the Hebrew alphabet"

I must emphasise that I didn't have any basic Hebrew knowledge before taking this course. It took me less than a week to learn the Hebrew alphabet with that contagious song. The video lesson format was clear and easy to follow. After finishing the course at my own pace, I was able to find, discern and pronounce words in Hebrew from the Hebrew and English Tanakh. I recommend this course to anyone. Good on you Easy Learn Hebrew and thank you.

Juan A Aburto-Urra

Read Hebrew With Ease

"It is fun, easy and a great way to learn"

I started out with little to no knowledge of how to read Hebrew or how to pronounce the letters.

I used the site in preparation for my Bat-Mitzvah and now I can read Hebrew quite well. I found the site easy to use and fun and I especially liked singing along to the alphabet (aleph-beit) song which I now know off by heart.

I would recommend the site for adults and children alike to use if they wanted to learn how to read Hebrew.

It is fun, easy and a great way to learn.

Sarah Long

Frequently Asked Questions

I have no knowledge of Hebrew, is this course suitable for me?

Yes. The program is structured in such a way that it assumes no previous Hebrew knowledge by the student. It starts with the foundation concepts and builds on them in the subsequent lessons.

How quickly can I complete the course?

The time it takes to complete the course will depend on how much time you dedicate to 'attending' the lessons and doing the worksheets etc. The advantage however of an online program is that you can revisit the material as often as you need to while your subscription is active.

Is there an age limit to use the program?

No. The only requirement is that the student needs to comprehend the material being presented. We have had children as young as 6 years old successfully complete the course and some students as old as 84 years old.

Can my wife/husband/child use the program too?

Yes. Your access can be shared with your immediate family members. People with children prefer to buy the subscription with the longest access to allow for younger children to use the program as they get older.

Can I share my access beyond my immediate family?

No. The program tracks access via unique IP address logons and if a threshold is reached access to the course will be suspended.

Do you provide 'one on one' tuition too?

Yes. 'face to face' or Skype lessons are available. Please contact us to find out more.

Is the program available for Hebrew schools or study groups?

Yes. There are several options available for organisations to make the Easy Learn Hebrew program available to their students and members. Please contact us to find out more.

Read Hebrew Expertly

"The fact that it is entertaining with its mnemonics has maintained my interest and motivation"

Over the years I have tried on three separate occasions to learn Hebrew.

However I was never able to retain the information as there was no effective follow up and life's busy-ness took over. Learning Hebrew took a back seat but it was still one of my hopeful plans for 'someday'.

Well, that 'someday' has finally arrived and is in the process of actually happening... Although I have yet to complete this course I find that I am now learning and retaining what I am learning.

The system of being able to repeat any part of the course or any of the lessons has been invaluable. And the fact that it is entertaining with its mnemonics has maintained my interest and motivation.

I am truly grateful...

Eva Ford

Read Hebrew Quickly

"My students are mastering Hebrew reading and enjoying the process"

I have tried numerous programs for teaching beginning Hebrew reading to adults with limited success.

When I found 'Easy Learn Hebrew', I knew that this program would succeed - wow!!! I was correct beyond my wildest dreams!

By being online and interactive, the format of the program encourages easy and fun learning. The videos with mnemonic suggestions for each letter (comparing the shape of the letter to English words) is phenomenal.
The tutorials reinforce the videos with just enough repetition to encourage learning without becoming boring. The quizzes with their immediate feedback enables students to test their proficiency.

Being able to print out flash cards from the course also allows for quick learning. The pace at which students finish the course is limited only by their own initiative. Because of the nature of the online course, students can easily repeat lessons or portions of lessons until they have reached complete fluency. My students are mastering Hebrew reading and enjoying the process.

An added benefit as a Rabbi and a teacher is that the course itself does not require my constant intervention - I can spend only a few minutes reviewing a lesson with my students yet be assured that they are indeed learning.

Congratulations on creating THE BEST way to learn Hebrew reading!

Rabbi Steve Fisch
Congregation Beth El Binah
Dallas, Texas, USA

Read Hebrew Easily

Easy Learn Hebrew The Best In Its Class

  • Learn when it suits you and where it suits you
  • 7 Lessons accessable 24 hours a day - 7 days a week
  • 49 Printable flashcards
  • 43 Tutorial modules with video
  • 10 Vocabulary modules with audio
  • 8 Classroom videos
  • 8 Reading modules with audio
  • 7 Quiz modules with audio
  • 6 Examples modules with audio
  • 6 Revision modules
  • 6 Printable worksheets
  • Songs with visuals
  • Printable prayers and blessings with audio
  • Personalised space - choose your own theme
  • Printable course completion certificate
  • Technical and linguistic support

If you had to pay someone to put this all together it would cost you thousands of dollars – but the good news is that you are not going to pay thousands of dollars today!

Love It Or Your Money Back!


If the Easy Learn Hebrew Program does not perform in exactly the way we have described it to you, just simply contact us within 14 days and we will immediately give you a prompt refund of your purchase with no questions asked. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

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Experience learning to read Hebrew with this unique proven system

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