The Festival Of Purim

Purim, one of my not-so-favourite festivals. Oy! The noise of the noisemakers (graggers in Yiddish) – after a while it gets under my skin! BUT, if I take a step back and think about it, it is actually an extraordinary festival.

To think that the evil Haman drew “purim” – “lots” to decide which date to exterminate the Jewish people is a terrible thought, but the fact that Queen Esther convinced her husband, King Achashverosh to save the Jews is extraordinary.

To fully appreciate the story, one needs to be able to read Hebrew, to read the Megillah in Hebrew. Reading Hebrew is relatively simple once you can read the letters and vowels.

Interestingly enough, the Megillah is written in relatively simple Hebrew, simply because it is a story written in Hebrew (in comparison to the siddur, which is written in liturgical Hebrew and more difficult to translate). In fact, if you want to practise your Hebrew reading, the Megillah is great place to start, simply because it uses quite basic Hebrew, which makes reading Hebrew simple.

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