Should I learn Arabic or Hebrew?

It is interesting to look at a world map, focusing on the Middle East region of the world. There are 25 countries in that area that claim Arabic as an official language, ie Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt, to name a few. In comparison, there is one country that claims Hebrew to be the official language, that being Israel. People are asking, should I learn Arabic or Hebrew? This is a good question.

How to choose what language to learn

When asking yourself the question “should I learn Arabic or Hebrew?” you really need to understand why you even want to learn either language in the first place. If you intend on visiting an Arabic-speaking country or wanting to learn to read the Koran, then it makes sense to learn Arabic. However, if you want to visit Israel or read the Torah, then you should learn Hebrew.

Are there similarities between the two languages?

It is interesting to know that there are some words in Arabic and Hebrew that have similar sounds. One example is a common phrase  in both languages, “ peace be upon you” Shalom aleichem”(Hebrew) and Salam Alaikum (Arabic).  So, when asking yourself the question “should I learn Arabic or Hebrew”, it really depends on ultimately what you want to do with the language.

If you have difficulty making the decision and answering the question “should I learn Arabic or Hebrew”, maybe try your hand at both. Although the written alphabet is completely different, there are many words that are the same. It may be interesting to learn both. However, if you only want to learn one of them, decide what your goal is, and make a decision from there.

How to decide if you are going to learn Arabic or Hebrew!

When choosing which language you want to learn, you need keep your goal at the forefront of your mind.

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