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The question on everyone’s lips during this current pandemic crisis should be “who wants to read Hebrew?” With borders closed across the world, communities in quarantine or isolation, people need something to take their minds off the enormity of what humanity is facing, the biggest health crisis since the Spanish Flu in the 1920s.

Starting to read Hebrew gives the learner so many opportunities.  When a person starts to read Hebrew they start to connect with their heritage/ or the heritage of the Jewish people. Connecting with heritage and history can be very grounding for people in a crisis like the one we are facing right now. I for one have started listening to Hebrew songs; I find it comforting.

I also find it extremely comforting to teach a person to read Hebrew. It takes my mind off what is happening around me, but also gives me hope that we will get through this difficult, trying time.

When a person starts to read Hebrew they have to really focus on the task in front of them. With such different characters, it requires concentration, and the ability to block everything else out. This in itself could be a form of meditation, focussing on the characters and letters, and blocking out the noise from the rest of the world.

I have heard of people learning a new skill, making the most of this opportunity whilst they are at home, skills that they can use after the period of isolation has been lifted. The same can be said for a person to starts to read Hebrew. Starting to read Hebrew now, gives a person a head start if they are studying for conversion, or preparing to read Hebrew in the synagogue.

A fabulous way to learn this skill, to read Hebrew, is online (especially if you are at home). can definitely help you with this.

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