How do you read Hebrew?

How Do You Read Hebrew?

For any non-Israeli, Hebrew can be a tricky language. The consonants and vowels are unique to Hebrew, there is nothing else like it in any other written language, except of course, Yiddish. Yiddish, being a combination of German and Hebrew, uses the Hebrew characters in the text.

However, a common question for non-Israelis is indeed, how do you read Hebrew?  Many people don’t even realise that it is read from right to left, not left to right! To be faced with a page of characters that have absolutely no resemblance to characters used in Latin-based languages, no wonder people are asking the question how do you read Hebrew?

The answer is fairly simple, the student needs to take a course (online is a good option) to learn how to read. It is incredibly important that the course teaches the student how to read each Hebrew consonants and vowels, but critically, how to join the consonants and vowels together to create a word.

It is one thing to know the sounds of the consonants and vowels off by heart, but if the student cannot read join the consonants and vowels together, and to ultimately to be able to read a word fluently, then the knowledge they have gained from learning the consonants and vowels is virtually wasted. Learning how the word is broken up into syllables, is vital to answer the question “how do you read Hebrew?”

I am hoping that this has answered your question. There are a number of programs, either face to face, or on the internet, but a well-known program that teaches all of the skills mentioned above is It teaches a person who has absolutely no knowledge of Hebrew reading, and takes them on the journey of becoming a fluent Hebrew reader. This program will answer your question of “how do you read Hebrew”?

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