There is one person in the family who thoroughly embraces Purim, and that is my 8 year old boy. He always relishes the idea of getting dressed up. This year he is drawing on his experiences of his time in Israel.

He wants to get dressed up as a religious rabbi and carry his new shofar in his hand! I wonder how the rabbi at our synagogue will react to that! I’m sure with much amusement!! Purim is the time to get dressed up, to read the Megillah and to eat hamentashen.  In order to read the Megillah one does not need to necessarily learn biblical Hebrew, just to know how is Hebrew read; as the Hebrew in the Megillah is actually quite simple Hebrew.

Once a person has started to learn how to read Hebrew, one should be able to read the Megillah fairly easily. In fact, I would even go as far as to say, that when you want to learn Hebrew, start with the Megillah, as it has many commonly used words.

What is beautiful about Israel is that for every festival that comes up, one can easily buy the texts, religious items and food associated with the festival. For example, on Purim, one would be able to buy groggers (noisemakers) hamentashen and megillot. It would be helpful to learn to read Hebrew prior to buying these items so you in fact know what you are buying! So, how do you read Hebrew you ask? Go to easylearnhebrew.com!

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