Learn to read Hebrew in one day

Learn to read Hebrew in one day?

Interesting that you ask this question! Can it be done? Well, after having taught a special course that teaches adults who are interested in learning to read Hebrew for over 10 years; I can say unequivocally that it does work. This course that my father taught me helps people to learn how to read Hebrew fast by using memory hooks and syllable breakups.

Typically a person attends the course because he or she is converting to become Jewish and needs to learn to read Hebrew for the conversion process; he or she is a Christian and wants to start to read Torah in its’ original text; or he/she is Jewish and wants to be able to follow the prayers in the Synagogue.

What people want is to begin reading in Hebrew, which in one day is very possible. Although their reasons are different, the outcome is the same – easy Hebrew reading. I explain to people, that it is not about need to learn to read Hebrew fast; it is about learning  to read  Hebrew fluently.

At the end of the day 90% of the pupils are able to read Hebrew slowly and fluently. I explain to them at the beginning of the day that we are here to learn how to read Hebrew, not grammar or translation, just reading.  Of course, through the course of the day questions do come up which I answer, but I always bring the focus back to reading Hebrew.

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