Learn To Read Hebrew

I really have no memory of my life as a baby and as a young child, but what I do know, with my father working as Rabbi, he didn’t leave his work at the office; it was brought home with him every night.

Of course, being a rabbi, Hebrew was integral to his work. He taught children to learn to read Hebrew for their Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah tuition. I have a vague memory of him talking on the phone to the children’s parents pressing them to practice them to read Hebrew every day. He emphasised the importance of reading Hebrew and how their parents’ should help them.

He not only taught children, he also taught adults to learn to read Hebrew as part of their conversion process.

Every night, reading Hebrew, he recited the birkat hamazon (grace after meals). One thing is for sure, he knew how to read Hebrew fast! So, it was through osmosis that I learnt how to read Hebrew.

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