Learn To Read Hebrew

I made mention of God in my last post. It is interesting, because there is not a name for God in Hebrew. In fact, when one starts to read Hebrew, it is not obvious how to pronounce God’s name. Reading Hebrew is relatively straight forward (once you know the how to read Hebrew, consonants, vowels etc…), however trying to read God’s name is not intuitive.

Judaism says that God’s name is unpronouncable.  In fact, there isn’t a name for God. The most common word used for Gods name is Adonai, which actually means “my Lords”. Yet, we hardly ever see the word “Adonai” written in the consonants and vowels that we expect.

The most common representations of “Adonai” are Yod, Hei, Vav Hei, or Yod Yod.  Unless, when learning to read Hebrew, you are taught how to pronounces these reprsenations of God’s name, it will not be obvious at all how to read these words. I strongly suggest, that when you learn how to read Hebrew, be it face to face or learning Hebrew online you learn how to read God’s name.

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