Last Hebrew letter

The Hebrew alphabet is commonly referred to as the “Aleph Bet”, which refers to the first 2 letters (or consonants) of the Hebrew Alphabet. However, the last Hebrew letter in the Hebrew alphabet is largely ignored! The last Hebrew letter is called the Taf. Let us have a look at the Taf. Let us learn the  the easiest way to recognise it and which important Hebrew words have the Taf in it.

Using patterns to learn Hebrew letters

When learning the Hebrew Aleph-bet, it is easier to learn each letter through a mnemonic. A mnemonic a way of remembering something through a pattern or a story. In fact, the Easy Learn Hebrew program is based on teaching each letter (and vowel) through a pattern or a story to learn the sound of each Hebrew letter.

How to learn the last Hebrew letter

The letter Taf also has its own special story to remember the sound. On the bottom left hand side of the Taf is a round “thing” sticking out. The way how I teach people to recognise the Taf, is by referring to that round bit as a “tough toe”. I use the example of a boxer who is tough, and has lots of muscles. This “toe” looks like a muscular toe, a “tough toe”.

Obviously, the last Hebrew letter, the Taf, is found in lots of different words. However, I thought I would draw your attention to a few common words used in Judaism. Here are a few examples: the first letter of the word Torah is a Taf and the last letter of Shabbat is a Taf. Lastly, Tanakh also starts with a Taf. So, now when you see a Taf in the Hebrew text, you will recognise it by the ‘tough toe’.

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