Jewish Prayer Book – an important book

The Jewish prayer book, known in Hebrew as the siddur, has songs, psalms, readings and prayers that date back to to the fifteenth century. The Jewish prayer book provides an opportunity for people to participate in a service that is uniquely Jewish. In many prayer books the translation is also available in the local dialect. It is such an important book in the Jewish community, that when it gets too old to use, the book is given a Jewish burial. Just like a Jewish person.

Where is the Jewish prayerbook used?

Jewish people all over the world read from the same prayer book. I teach Jewish children bar and bat mitzvah, and they struggle with what to learn first, the prayers or the Torah portion. I say to them that they will read their Torah portion once in their lives (most likely), but which ever synagogue they go to, anywhere in the world, they all use the same Jewish prayer book.

I have been to synagogues in a few different countries, and they all use the same prayer books. Granted, the translation of the prayers may be in a different language, but the Hebrew prayers remain the same.

Where can you get a prayer book from?

There are so many places to get a Jewish prayer book. If your child attends a Jewish Day School, then they will get one when they start at the school (usually from age 8). However, not everyone is in this position. Some Jewish palces of worship sell them too. You just need to talk to your Rabbi or the main office. Otherwise, a person can buy it online.

Just make sure that you buy the one with the appropriate translation. It would be a complete waste to buy one with German translation (for an example)  if you cannot read it! Just check it first.

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