How can I learn Hebrew online easily

Imagine the attention I would receive if I wore a t-shirt with the slogan How can I learn Hebrew online? It would be a head-turner, as it is quite an unusual catchphrase. However, the unusual catchphrases often grab people’s attention and spark a conversation. It reminds me of a weight-loss company in the 1990s whose slogan was ‘Do you want to lose weight? Ask me how. 

Wearing a t-shirt with the slogan How can I learn Hebrew online opens opportunities. It is a chance for people to talk about learning the biblical Hebrew language. Some people need help finding classes or resources to learn the Hebrew alphabet. 

Hebrew letters – how can I learn Hebrew online

I think it is fair to say that learning the Hebrew letters, also known as the alef bet is important. It is a critical first step to learning Hebrew reading. Yes, some people learn to read Hebrew using English transliteration. But this will only get a person so far, and then they will be stuck! The student will not enable the student to read a new Hebrew word in the Hebrew language!

I will never forget when I was studying at Hebrew and Religion School, we had to learn to read Hebrew prayers. It was during the mid-1980s when the question how can I learn Hebrew online was an option. We had to learn to read the language the old-fashioned way.

I remember one girl who could not care about learning to read this ancient alphabet fluently. So, she wrote the transliteration above each Hebrew word to help her read Hebrew. The rabbi tew.aching these prayers to the class was so angry. He rubbed out every bit of the transliteration. Understandably, she was unable to read the Hebrew!

Finding the right Hebrew course for you

For a person not involved in the Jewish community, finding a suitable course to learn Hebrew can be challenging. Fortunately the internet is part of our day-to-day lives. Indeed, tmany multiple possibilities available. Indeed, this is especially true for a person who has been asking the question how can I learn Hebrew online?

Social media platforms are great resources for people who do not know where to begin looking. One example is Facebook. A person can search any platform and type in any combination of keywords. These words need to be relevant. They need to be related to learning Hebrew. These can include (but are not limited to) biblical, Hebrew bible or modern Hebrew. There are different groups who can guide you to the right course for you will pop up.

Finding a Hebrew course by searching the internet

I am surprised by how many groups on Facebook provide support to learn the ancient alphabet. There are also opportunities to learn modern Hebrew too. Yes, social media opens the way for finding groups with similar interests and focus. However, some Jewish people who want to reconnect with their Judaism or are Christian and want to learn to read the Jewish bible in its original form may not be on social media.

But, if you are not on social media, all you need to do is do a Google search of how can I learn Hebrew online. And multiple options will come up, including, which is an online program that teaches you how to read Hebrew from scratch.  

Only people in certain age brackets use the internet. If you do not use the internet there are other options. Try talking to your local synagogue. They may be able to help you find Hebrew classes. Sometimes your friends can help too.

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